Light A Candle

Post your prayer/energy requests here or design a virtual altar that you can come back to and use as a focus for your prayers, affirmations, and meditations.
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Light A Candle

Post by firebirdflys »

It has occurred to me that this resource may be more useful in this Forum, so I will sticky it here too.

This link will take you to a wall of candles. Use it for meditation or to send healing, light, love, energy, or blessings to a situation someone, or for yourself.
Please use responsibly, and Enjoy! ... ng&gi=EUTM

Many Blessings, Firebird

kay 32
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Re: Light A Candle

Post by kay 32 »

Thank you so much for that link. You have no idea how good it felt just now doing that
Really many thanks
Blessed Be K

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Re: Light A Candle

Post by Pinkpower_80 »

I lit another one in memory of my dear friend. Thank you Firebird.

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Re: Light A Candle

Post by Lainara »

Thank you!

Selena Silverlynx
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Re: Light A Candle

Post by Selena Silverlynx »

I lit one. It feels so good to do that. Not only is it good in healing energy and good energy, but also it is good for people that have no access to churches or candles.

Selena Silverlynx
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Re: Light A Candle

Post by TheGirlOfSecrets »

Woah, this is pretty cool, how did you come across it?
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Re: Light A Candle

Post by Aceso »

Thanks for the link. I felt the need to light a candle. Blessed be

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Re: Light A Candle

Post by Altairtigris »

Thank you. I too have lit a candle.

Blessed be

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Re: Light A Candle

Post by Klia »

Love this! Thanks for the link!
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Re: Light A Candle

Post by Ruth »

Thank you for keeping this link open, I lit a candle. I put positive thoughts and good energy into it I hope it's received well
Positive Thoughts and Good Vibes

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Re: Light A Candle

Post by Falcon_Heart27 »

I love this! Thanks for the link, I lit a candle :)

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Re: Light A Candle

Post by EmberMau »

Thank you.
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Re: Light A Candle


I have used this so many times. It's a wonderful site.
I've seen it before.
Used it for yrs.
But I never ad the link.. It was on another forum.
That forum crashed and burned.

Thanks for having it here.
I just sent a wonderful friend a candle with a message.
I'm so glad you have this link!
Recipients feel comforted getting that message..

Blessed Be

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Re: Light A Candle

Post by Jenn86 »

Thank you! I found this in a moment when I most needed it.

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Re: Light A Candle

Post by WillowMoon »

thanks :) I feel much lighter now for lighting it so I think that it was needed.

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