making a quartz crystal?

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making a quartz crystal?

Post by riri205 »

i would like to have a homemade quartz crystal..but im not exactly sure how to make one? and to cleanse it etc to give it energy :] i read online to boil 6tbs of water then add 5tbs of salt mix add color dye then leave in a plastic bowl in room temp for about 3 weeks which i did but it doesnt look rite. it just looks like some water and a bunch of salt on the bottom would that still work? i would like to make the best more powerful quartz if possible for a specific purpose.just not sure :/

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Post by NightRose »

You can't create a quartz crystal. Different techniques will give you crystal-like structures (go out and buy a "grow your own crystal kit" in about any toy store, for instance), but unless you have professional equipment, you can't make a quartz.

The good news? Quartz is one of the more abundant crystals, and can be found or bought all over without much of a hassle. Spend some time with the crystals and pick up the one that calls out to you. That should be your best bet, and it shouldn't empty your pockets either.

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