BoS/Grimoire protection inscription.

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BoS/Grimoire protection inscription.

Post by Methuselah »

I did this little thing to protect my grimoire from prying eyes. It works for me, and might work for you too.

On the first blank page of your NEW grimoire or Book of Shadows (or the blank flap at the very beginning of an older one), draw a pentagram and circle around it. (This draws -- literally and figuratively -- the magickal circle and calls upon the elements for your writing-based spell.)

Underneath, in whatever style handwriting you feel most natural to you, write down the following, while mentally focusing on keeping your grimoire safe and accessible only to you:

In reading this grimoire, cursed be he,
Who breaks the sacred bonds of my privacy.
If you read this warning and leave this book
May you be blessed with the thing for which you look.

Then, underneath that, draw the symbolic glyph of your patron god(dess), so your sacred writings falls under their protection. My goddess is Hecate but, of course, the symbol of whoever you're devoted to is perfectly fine and appropriate!

(Optional: Write down your craft name below the god(dess)'s glyph.)

I hope you like this little paper-based spell, and find it useful.

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Re: BoS/Grimoire protection inscription.

Post by L.J.Hex »

Very nice. :)

I have been looking for something like this lately. I have had a long break from writing my BoS and I'm planning to soon continue... I already have a warning about reading it without my permission, but I think I will do a spell to enforce it and write another warning, kind of the last chance to do the right thing and leave my book alone unless I have given the permission to read it.

I think you have a nice idea here. :flyingwitch:
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