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a spell to give a loved one strength, courage, love, and hop

Posted: Thu Aug 21, 2014 8:45 am
by valerian moon
Materials used:

A picture or personal item of the person you want to protect
Sea salt or kosher salt
3 white candles
Sage-to cleanse the space and yourself of negative energy
Sweet Grass-to emit positive energy
Sugilite-protects the soul from shocks and trauma, brings light and love to the darkest situations
Amethyst-guards against guilty and fearful feelings, increases positive spiritual feelings
Hematite-improves relationships. has a highly protective energy, will heighten self confidence and will power
Citrine-combats negative energy, brings hope, enhances mental clarity and will eliminate fear of being judged, fear of being alone or being unworthy of love.

Start by clearing yourself and your space of any negative energy by sage smudging; light a small bundle of dried sage, blow out any flames so that you just have embers smoking, using a feather or similar object, fan the smoke around your room, making sure you don't miss any corners, picture any negative energy leaving the space, using the same method circle your own body from head to toe, letting any negativity evaporate away.(If you've never smudged before, I would recommend looking up complete instructions first) Once you have finished use the same methods to smudge with the sweet grass, to fill the void energy space with positive energy, sweet grass is much harder to burn than sage and may need to be re-lit frequently.
Now use your salt to cast a circle around you, I cast my circle around my bed, I personally feel like if I am more comfortable and relaxed I will be able to focus more and attain a deeper state of concentration.
Place your picture or personal item in front of you, lay the stones on top of it.
Light your 3 white candles, please do not place these on your bed if you decide to perform this spell as I do, place them nearby, like on a bedside table, somewhere that is safe.
Begin focusing on grounding and centering yourself, picture yourself in whatever setting you find the most comforting, for me I picture myself in the middle of a pine forest, surrounded by absolute silence. Feel your body connecting to the earth like the roots of a tree, they run deeper and deeper, spreading out far and wide until you reach the core of the earth, reaching an illuminating power, it surges up through the roots and through your body until you are filled with this pure energy, creating an aura of light around you, if you know the colors of your aura this is what you should see. Once you feel this powerful energy surging through you and emanating from your aura focus on the person you are trying to help and repeat the spell slowly 3 times, concentrate on every word keeping the image of the person in your mind at all times.

I give you courage and strength,
Even from the greatest lengths

No judgement, guilt, or shame
Shall ever attach to your name

In all the hours I give you love
As pure as the heavens above

In your heart I instill hope
Cling to it to help you cope

Depression and sadness will be no more
Now you are strong to the core

By day and night and powers three
As is my will, so mote it be

Re: Moon Raver's Book Of Shadows.

Posted: Sat Aug 23, 2014 11:07 pm
by valerian moon