Never Moon a Werewolf's Correspondence on Correspondences

Start your own thread named "[Name's] Book of Shadows" and add spells, rituals, correspondences, music, videos, etc. that you would like to keep for future use or share with others. Use as many posts as you'd like. It's not private, but at least your family won't see it. You can also get ideas from other people's Books of Shadows.
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Never Moon a Werewolf's Correspondence on Correspondences

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This will include colors, plants, animals scents, symbols and whatever else I need and want to write down somewhere it won't get lost so easily.

I am starting with colors.


Positive: Dissolution of curses and relationships etc you do not need anymore, wards, veils, keeping secrets, possibility, beginning and ending - circle of creation, truth

Negative: illusion, keeping secrets you shouldn't, indifference, depression, lies, abandonment


Positive: youth, health, birth, innocent love, trust, creativity and creative passion, intuition, hope, aging well

Negative: frailty, jealousy, treachery, secrecy in emotional matters, murder to keep something secret - "blood on snow" - also gossip - murder of character


Positive: innocence, new beginnings, cleanliness, expectation, protection, one-ness and preparation (because it can stand in for any other color).

Negative: inaction, naivete, "the blank stare", too much multitasking and stone-walling. Too much protection, blocking out everything wanting to help as well.

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