Thoughts on bringing children up pagan?

Discussion of raising your family in the pagan tradition.
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Ivy Amethyst
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Thoughts on bringing children up pagan?

Post by Ivy Amethyst »

Now as a Maiden, I'm thankful for my current lack of children,
however I would probably like children in the future, so what are peoples thoughts on bringing up pagan children?
my Fiancée is also pagan and we were just discussing this :)

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Re: thoughts on bringing children up pagan?

Post by Lord_of_Nightmares »

I would raise them secularly so they can make their own choices later on.
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Re: thoughts on bringing children up pagan?

Post by SnowCat »

I would raise them to be spiritually aware, and with information available from a variety of belief systems.

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Re: thoughts on bringing children up pagan?

Post by Katrinkah »

I agree with Snow, but I probably would involve them in Wiccan traditions also. I already do Wiccan stuff as a family with my husband so might as well have them join in.

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Re: Thoughts on bringing children up pagan?

Post by Amaranth3 »

I am raising them to question and get responses from various paths including my own. I don't force them to do anything or go to any church, etc. If they want to participate with me they can and will but if they don't want to then they don't.
I want them to find their own path not be forced to believe and feel that guilt and fear as I was growing up.

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