Befana is better than Santa!

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seawitch Artist
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Befana is better than Santa!

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If the cost of Santa is costing you way to much, why not let Befana do the job? This kind old Witch needn't be confined to Italy after all! Read on!...
She is far more economical by coming in early January because you get the benefit of the January sales!

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Re: Befana is better than Santa!

Post by Kitty »

that's a great idea - I was looking to find matching earrings for my new necklace online and the necklace itself is already like £40 less just because it's not christmas shopping period anymore !
but the tax is going up on the 4th :(

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Re: Befana is better than Santa!

Post by Traumwandlerin »

Uhm, in many Christian gropus, present will be delivered on the 6th January, cause on this day it's said the Wise Kings arrived to give their gifts to Jesus. Part of my family was roman catholic, and they always have practiced it like that.

A change in who delivers the gifts should probably not be done solely on economic reasoning ;)

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