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Discussion of raising your family in the pagan tradition.
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I think that the upbringing of your children has a lot to do with respect.
If your spouse respects you I am sure your love of Lord and Lady would be taught to your children as well as christian values.

Your best bet would to talk about this more in depth before children are actually born. Coming to a agreement that pleases both of you will help from fighting down the road when little Joe or jane decides to tell the whole Mass about what they did last full moon.

I could not have children with a person who refused to allow me to be honest and open about my believes.

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I personally think children should be brought up exposed to as many religions as possible so what ever path they choose in life, they know they have the support of family. If your girlfriend insists on having a Christian child, it might be a sign that you shouldn't have children together, as raising children is very much a partnership.
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In the catholic church when a couple marries regardless of one spouse's faith they must agree to raise the children in the church. So obviously the question I'm curious about is whether or not your girlfriend is catholic, because even catholisim is christian.

If she isn't catholic find out if she would want to get married in her church or some church, if she wants that that means that you would also have to sit down and talk with the preacher/pastor some churches require an agreement like the catholic church and others don't.

No matter how you look at it you will have to talk further on the subject with your girlfriend.

I'm lucky enough to have found someone on a similar path, however he's not open with his family about being a wiccan since he is from a jewish family. His son is going to grow up exposed to all different paths of paganism, christianity, judaism, and probably so much more (more because of my particular focus in my history studies being religions.) He'll have full knowledge of different paths and will be able to choose his own when he feels it is the right time for him to do so, but he'll also be more understanding to other religions and will most likely support religious tolerance.


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earth wolf wrote:me and my girl friend were discussing children the other night and I started to wonder she said our child would be raised with one belief i want to share the wonders of the lord and lady with our child one day but if she insists on having a xian child im not sure what i will do
I'm Wiccan, my husband is not. He was raised in a very loose non practicing catholic family, but he doesn't claim any religion. I AM raising our kids wiccan, on the condition with him that we also introduce and educate our children on other belief systems and allow them to choose their own religion when they so choose. If they choose to follow Wicca, awesome, if not, I'm ok with that too.

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