Question About Druidism & Symbol

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Modern Druidry is a 300 year old path that focuses on nature spirituality and inner transformation founded on personal experience rather than dogmatic belief.
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Re: Question About Druidism & Symbol

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I think it is also worth point out that we don't really have ancient druid symbols, although the druid revival is pretty old at this point. John Michael Greer likes to say that there is "true" and there is "valid." What we are really trying to build, whatever the order, is a valid druid practice. Essentially a form of druidry that works for us. We've had to piece that together from various, better documented sources.

I am early on in the ADF dedicant path, and I have gotten a lot out of it. I am a big fan of Ian's work as a ritualist and magician. No more than the dues are, I would encourage anyone who is interested in developing adding elements of druidry to their religious practice to check it out for a year.

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Re: Question About Druidism & Symbol

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SpiritTalker wrote:I think it's an artistic & totally modern emblem, drawing on familiar symbols of the three worlds. The spiral emblem for underground wells & serpent earth energy, the triple layered and Maze-quartered square is a mid-earth emblem, and crescent moon and sunburst obviously heavenly emblems. The concepts are Druidic, not the emblem specifically.
I am inclined to agree. This sigil is based on modern concepts and straddles the line between Norse and Druid systems. I would make a cool back tattoo though.

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