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A forum for people who follow or are interested in the spiritual path of Druidry (whether neopagan, mesopagan, or reconstructionist), the ancient Druids, and Celtic culture.

Modern Druidry is a 300 year old path that focuses on nature spirituality and inner transformation founded on personal experience rather than dogmatic belief.
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New to druidism

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Greetings there, I recently decided to go my life path as druid. It is more than interesting for me to know how druids were the wisest in their communities . It is also more than interesting to know that as a druid, I can choose any religion i consider it suits me most because druidism itself is not a religion, more a spiritual path, a helper for people.

I started reading "The Druidism Root And Its Fruits" and also "Druidsm FAQ" here and in some pdf book. Also I did read everything here:

Could you tell me if you know some more sources where I can learn more about durids and what being druid is?
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