Celtic Oracle Cards

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Modern Druidry is a 300 year old path that focuses on nature spirituality and inner transformation founded on personal experience rather than dogmatic belief.
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Celtic Oracle Cards

Post by edgewalker »

I hope I am not becoming a pest by asking too many questions...Anyway I was curious what your views are on animal oracle cards? I own the Medicine Card set by Samms and Carson. I have a deep respect for the Native American culture and spiritual beliefs. I believe their tie to this land (US) truly affords them great insights to the animals that dwell here.

I also believe it is important to understand and respect the land and animals on which you are living, so to me the Native American insights are of great value to me spiritually. I am seeking to strengthen my Celtic heritage connection and believe that I should have an understanding of the insights and views of the Celtic traditions in references to animals and the land as well. Any input would be greatly appreciated...

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Post by Ravencry »

I used the Medicine Cards, and they were accurate, and helped a lot. I haven't had them in a couple years, as they are at my boyfriends grandparents in Nevada.

And there is nothing wrong with asking many questions! The thirst for knowledge is nothing to be ashamed of and apologize for.

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Re: Celtic Oracle Cards

Post by miachrhys »

I have previously used the Druid Animal Oracle. While the imagery on the cards was beautiful, I didn't really find much use for them in my practice because many of the animals weren't ones that were commonly found in Central Missouri where I lived at the time. By all means give them a try if you're interested. Just know that what works for one person may not resonate with another and that is perfectly okay.

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