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Re: Native language

Posted: Tue Feb 26, 2019 8:58 pm
by birublackzoey
To reiterate Shekinah's sharing, for me, it has been possible using primarily mental visualisation and also intention. I am from a country in Asia, where english is the main operative language, but also speak and use two other native languages or mother tongues, so likewise I suffer also from a "lost in translation" type thing.

As I am very much unstudied in the craft and arts, i only learnt to channel my desired outcomes by shaping it into thought-visualisation and intention. I think most people with an inclination, will have opportunities in their life to refine this. i am not sure what kind of magick it's called or what kind of witch i am. maybe it's not even that important, as it is also just a name given for it. in this aspect, I keep a lean practice overall with no real spell-casting or procedurals.

In my native culture, there is an element of mantera (mantra) which when coupled with intention and incorporation of physical objects, activates the "spell". By and large, it is mostly practised in the olden way by some of the last remaining witch-doctors. I also observe sometimes an over-reliance on sigils and objects that embody certain essences, which is part of the craft and practice, but it might also pose to become a sort of crutch that the practitioner relies on over time.

The types of outcomes I have desired in the past usually involves more removing or adding something to a present situation, either to improve or lapse it. To alter a present situation by removing the energy of fear or anger, or just to be able to get a good parking spot, haha. I have not done any intentional harmful thoughts and feel very weird about doing it as it goes against what I personally believe in, in that the Universe is the grand teacher to deliver lessons to people, and that it is not my job to punish or harm others.

One downside to sharpening this mental practice/craft is that I do have to keep mindful and aware of my mind and thoughts at all time. There have been 2 times in the past where in a moment of weakness, there was 1. Thought, 2. Feeling and 3. Verbalised anger activation which was directed at a situation with it manifesting soon after. It did directly affected 2 people, nothing major but it did catch them by surprise and as a result they had to deal with it. So that was affirmation but also a reminder to be very very careful with this practice or gift.

Looking overall in terms of spellcasting vs intention-based, i think it is possible to bridge the gaps between language and spellcasting procedurals. The spells/practices that I have witnessed in the past simply used words and objects (living or inanimate) as live emblems to activate our own intention behind it. But i feel that the true mind of a witch (or ascended human) is in seeing the hidden strengths of things around us, and weaving or connecting its essence and significance into a sensible logic that creates or shapes an outcome.

I find that spells, objects, mantras only strengthen, focuses or amplifies, but it is not the main source of power - so I try not to stress myself out about knowing all the words or steps, or even try to wean myself of over-reliance from external guides or crutches. i find it has made it easier to practice, as it becomes quite lean and compact overall. The only legwork is the constant mental work (inner clarification, meditation, reconnecting to source).

Re: Native language

Posted: Thu Feb 28, 2019 1:36 pm
by Shekinah
You be a very wise Wizard my friend delving deep into the essence of our Magick.


Re: Native language

Posted: Thu Feb 28, 2019 9:10 pm
by birublackzoey
Thank you Shekinah for your kind words, i believe magic is for everyone and is part of our destiny as ascended humans.

Surprisingly (or maybe not),I was lead down this path due to some family history, latent beliefs/abilties they passed on - but there has also been major overlaps within my area of study and academic profession. So i think i have been lucky to be able to indulge my curiosity and really dive deep into it, as it also fed part of my job. "Follow your bliss" as Joseph Campbell said.

From human history, there are accounts of those who are able to create magic & execute miracles. A lot of them are spiritual leaders: Jesus, the Buddha, Mohammad, but there were many others who are not so well known & remembered. In our culture today, there is a denial of this, as our roots of beliefs shifted from shamans and witch-guides, to scientists and doctors. Not to say that the latter are wrong, simply that they are operating on one face of the cube - the side that is quantifiable & can be explained. Even then, Science always reaches a limit in which it has no explanation, but yet so many of us find root and comfort in this format of belief.

In part, even Religion contributed to this, as it went from a portal towards spirituality to an ideological and political tool. Over time, this has given way into governance over people, the modern government. As a result, we have had a lot of things taken away from us, due to the control we have given to the dark sides within all of us, be it intentionally or not. There is no "us" and "them", we are all in it together, and so the crimes of the few is still ours to bear and heal through. It is hard but it is possible.

The human mind is so beautifully powerful, a wonderful gift manifested by the light of our souls. But at the same time, we are only able to access part of our brains, and we have lost use of our third eye / pineal gland, as well as other faculties. But still, the possibility is there if we choose to exercise it. The way that I have been shown to practice magic involves seeing the spiritual within the empirical, and that is a gateway to unlocking most things. It has worked so far, so this would be my gift of sharing for others, anyone who is reading this. It is not a secret that is meant for me alone.

The wonderful by-product is that to access it, we do have to shed our baggage (ego, worry, doubt, fear, hatred), so I suppose anyone who really commits to this, will also face an initiation of sorts. I think in some circles, it is called the Dark Night of the Soul. It will require grit and strength, but we will come out the other side fully formed and realised. Just as a piece of coal or mineral is submitted to immense pressure over time, it turns clear, radiant and strong, becoming a diamond and a crystal respectively. This is why crystals hold such power, and in a way, we have also a "crystal" or "diamond" state, in some faiths, it is also called "enlightenment" or "blooming/flowering", along those lines, we start to inhabit and operate within a Light / Rainbow body.

We are all meant to have access to this. Let's just say that witches and spiritualists are early adopters - give or take a few millenia! I wish nothing but Love and Light to all practitioners, may we use our power for good and show the way for a better generation of humans. We can.