Calligraphy Piece #2: Invocation to the Goddess

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Calligraphy Piece #2: Invocation to the Goddess

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Here is my next piece! This is an adaptation of pagan chant entitled "Invocation to the Goddess". The first stanza is popularly found throughout the web (don't know the original author), but I found this version on Heartsong's Book of Shadows - Heartsong wrote the last 3 stanzas, which I feel really round the chant out! With her permission, here is a copy of this chant:



OH - and if you have suggestions or requests for my next calligraphy piece, let me know!

Note on reading the script: I used a lot of long S's (look like a lowercase F without the crossbar) and rotunda R's (lowercase R's that look like the numeral 2), if that helps explain why some of the words look spelled wrong! I unfortunately smudged it a bit at the edge, but that can easily be cropped!
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