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Posted: Tue Apr 29, 2014 9:02 pm
by Jen
I have never had a proper reading before but it would be cool to have a general one whenever someone gets around to it. Thanks! :o

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Posted: Sun May 04, 2014 2:11 pm
by loona wynd
This reading like all the others is going to take up two posts. The first post is the cards, their position, and their meaning. The second post is the interpretation of the reading. I do this to make the responses more manageable and easier to read on the forum.

Its my normal 6 card reading. The first card is you and how the spirits choose to show you in the reading. The second card is the element of earth and the foundation of the situation the reading is telling me about. The third card is the air card. This card is the forces in motion card. The fourth card is the fire card. This card is the passion card. It shows how your passions are effecting the situation. The fifth card is the water card. This card reveals and shows the emotional forces at hand. The sixth and final card is the card of the spirit and the conclusion of the reading at hand.

So here is your reading.

The first card is the representation of you in the reading. This card was the five of cups reversed, This card in this position is a positive card. It meanings include having a hopeful outlook, reunion, and the return of and old friend.

The second card is the foundation. This card was the nine of coins or pentacles. This cards meanings include accomplishment, love of nature, discretion, and foresight.

The third card is the forces of change in your life at the moment. The card chosen here was The Lovers. This card is not always about romantic love. The meanings of this card can include confidence, trust, freedom of emotion, harmony, love, and beauty. The strongest aspect of this card is the fact that it is utter freedom from emotion. Its pure bliss and ecstasy and being 100% involved in what you are focusing on to the exclusion of all else.

The fourth card is the passions inside you and how they are effecting the current situation. The card chosen here is the seven of swords. This card has meanings of new plans, wishes, hope, fantasy, and confidence. One of the more potent meanings of this card is the willingness to attempt to go after ones goals no matter the risks involved or the consequences of the actions.

The fifth card is the card of emotions and how your emotions are working with you right now. This card is the Ace of coins or Ace of Pentacles. This card has many different associations and meanings. They include perfection, attainment, prosperity, bliss, and ecstasy.

The sixth card is the card of the spirit and is the conclusion. The card chosen here was the 9 of cups reversed. This card means mistakes, opposition, false freedom, and differences.

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Posted: Sun May 04, 2014 5:46 pm
by loona wynd
Here is the interpretation of the reading.

Right now you are feeling hopeful about life. Maybe you have a chance to meet an old friend or something. The thing is you are in an up beat attitude and you are feeling good about life.

The second card shows that you have made an accomplishment. When I put these two together I can see why you would be in a hopeful mood. You have just completed a task or reached a goal. This is a good time to be thinking about the future and planning thoughtfully. You have developed a sense of discretion and a sense of caution as well. These feelings will serve you well.

The next card when I look at its meanings of confidence and trust the theme of you having an idea and working for it continues. The caution here is that when the lovers card is involved everything felt and done is intense. Its about complete involvement. The discretion and forethought in the nine of coins is a needed thing here. This lovers card may also be the reunion that was mentioned with the five of cups. Again discretion should be involved as things are not always what they seem, and the lovers card is intense in any sort of involvement from being focused entirely on business to the supreme passion when two people first get together where they are blinded by all else, everything is intense here.

The fourth card shows why forethought is even more important when the lovers card is involved. The warning of this card is that you will leap forward into any new action and situation blindly without considering the entire situation and without care for the consequences of your actions. Your hope and idealism from the first card with the hope and fantasy aspect of this card is what may lead to the fast action without thinking. These are the warnings of the Lovers and the seven of swords. Don't get so involved in what is going on that you forget about everything else.

The combination of the Lovers and the seven of swords also brings out another idea. There is a balance and a harmony that you can achieve when both of these cards are in balance. Taken to one extreme or another you will get out of control and loose many things. With them in balance you have harmony and peace but also a sense of freedom. You are confident in this balance and can start working towards a better future.

The fifth card is an example of what will happen when the seven of swords and the Lovers are in balance as well as when they are out of balance. The two cards in balance will create an emotionally prosperous time. You will be successful and will have obtained your goals. Things in your life with everything in balance will for you be a sense of perfection. You will have peace and you will be happy. There is a sense of bliss in this balance.

The bliss is also the effect of getting too involved with the Lovers or the Seven of Swords. When you blindly give yourself over to anything and follow it faithfully and fully you have feelings of ecstasy and joy. This is seen in the Ace of coins as well with the associations of bliss and ecstasy.

The conclusion of this reading is why I have been showing the need to find the balance between those cards. The final card in the reading, the 9 of cups reversed means mistakes, false freedoms, opposition, and differences. This card shows that when you blindly left forward to the new adventure as seen in the seven of swords you didn't think of any obstacles. This card shows clearly there will be those obstacles and you will have made mistakes in learning that lesson. The false freedoms can come from many different areas. One of them is the lovers card and how it makes you forget everything else and be free from them. The experiences there though are false freedom as you are not free from burdens and issues merely ignoring them for the personal bliss.

So in the end if you have any new plans ideas I would go for them. Though I would think carefully about what is involved and what could happen if that road is taken. There are definitely new changes and situations for you on the horizon. Be confident in yourself and your plans, but also be careful. Enjoy your emotions and feelings but in moderation.

I hope this reading helps. If you have any questions or comments please let me know. If you want me to pull additional cards for further information I can do that as well. Enjoy.

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Posted: Sun May 04, 2014 10:12 pm
by Jen
Thanks for your help! Very cool to have my first reading.

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Posted: Mon May 05, 2014 6:45 am
by loona wynd
Jen wrote:Thanks for your help! Very cool to have my first reading.
Did the reading make any sense?

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Posted: Mon May 05, 2014 11:30 am
by Jen
I get the gist of it. Does not make sense to me in my life right now. But hey, maybe it will tomorrow. Does that make sense?

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Posted: Sat May 10, 2014 12:18 pm
by Jen
I wanna thank you again for that awesome reading. It is making soooo much sense now. Seriously helped me! Loona it means a lot dear! :flyingwitch: