Love interest

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Love interest

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Hey, I normally wouldn't ask for a reading here but I've moved into dorms and it's hard to practice and find private space/time. I would really appreciate it if anyone could do a reading for me smileylove

This is sort of related to my last post where I was seeing the king of cups twice to describe someone. I keep seeing certain letters overlapping as potential people with who I might become romantically involved. Normally I don't pay attention to those videos on TikTok or Instagram where they pop up and it's a person doing a reading and they say this reading is meant for you etc... but all of them have had these 3 overlapping letters and themes that are in a romantic context. And for reference, I never interact with or like those videos because I don't want them to flood the algorithm.

Essentially my question is what is my relationship with each of these people supposed to be, what should I do, how do they feel etc. PM me for more info/ if you can help me out

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