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Post by Sobek »

Well, Tymar ... I certainly hope autumn and winter come soon ... My locale is still suffering summer weather ...

*eyes hatchet* ... I'll just have to settle the score with the weather gods :twisted:

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Post by Tymar »

With all the weather issues that NSW have been having of late, storms and such. I hope it settles down. I have parents in that state and i have heard of all the damage that has been happening.

on that note, I love Autumn and Spring..
Winter is great for the rain, (hopping to get my rain water tanks in before then). And in turn hopping my garden will feel better for next summer.
It certianly feels like the weather patterns have changed alot..
BB Tymar..

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Post by [WitchMomma] »

Tymar wrote:So very happy to see the end of Summer, hot and sunny
and looking forward to Autumn and Winter.
Australia here.
We are the opposite and I can't wait for the thaw to hit and we get rid of this mess we have here! Ack - I have had enough, as beautiful as the snow is, it is causing major problems on our streets.

Nice for you though getting your cooler weather now. You can have mine, lol.

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Post by [WitchMomma] »

sunstoneleo wrote:I live in Minnesota. It has been like 40's 10's then 10-'s and all over again. So basically the snow melts, then it freezes then it snows agin.... Which really sucks because when snow melts, it turns into water, when it frezzes again, it turns into one GIANT frozen puddle!! Lol, I fell like 6 times in one day trying to go to work. This bites, but I can't wait for spring :)
I have had the same problem with the ice. I actually had a big fall seriously bruising my arm, cracked my head on concrete steps and hurt my neck, back, knee. What a mess, it was like I had been in a car accident. I am better now - phew. Spring can't get here soon enough for me.


Post by Charmed:_I'm_Sure »

Here in Switzerland we're having lots of snow. but thank god it's beginning to melt.

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Post by Shaman of Bliss »

Your in switzerland? I'd love to talk to you about the democratic socialist party. I'm taking social 30. I've always wanted to know what its like with such taxes, its different here in Canada, similar to the United States, a mixed-market economy.

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Post by [WitchMomma] »

Charmed:_I'm_Sure wrote:Here in Switzerland we're having lots of snow. but thank god it's beginning to melt.
We are finally getting some melting here as well. yippie, maybe Spring will come this year!


Post by Spionen »

Still a bit snowy in Quebec, but noticeably edging toward spring... finally! It's been around 5 C/40 F lately and some of the ice on the sidewalks is melting.

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Post by Orion »

What is this 'Snow' you speak of? The powder substance that you spray on tree during Christmas?

Haha, I'm almost kidding. Here (Mississippi) it is mostly dry with occasional sudden thunderstorms. When I head back to my place in Louisiana, it flip flops constantly between wet and dry weather, though more dry for the moment.
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Post by XunderXtheXmoonX »

its really warm here in arizona, the sun is blazing! i'd reather be where you are, i dont really like the sun, its too hot and bright. i prefer cold weather.

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Post by AkanaAnash »

North Eastern China is just getting over it's dry/cold season, it's warming up here and we finally started getting rain about a week ago...ahhhhh...I can breathe from both nostrils again.

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Post by oracle's child »

grey and rainy alternating with sun breaks. cold. damp.
the joints in my hands hurt.

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Post by Heka »

well here in northern South austalia (the dryest state in the dryest continent... damn its dry) its been hot hot HOT HOT!!!!! until bout 4 days ago and it droped from about 40 C to bout 22 C. absolutely terible.

the mornings are freezing, but its only gonna get worse wen winter hits.......

prefer summer much more but nothing i can do about it


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Post by athena »

Queensland Australia (south east of the state) and we have had the most pleasant Summer that I can remember in many many many...... .

The rest of the country has had it rough though - even parts of my own state. We've had so many extremes here (haven't we fellow Aussies?) in the last 6 months or so - drought, floods, fires, heat waves - you name it.


Autumn now and this is my very favourite time of the year - there's an energised feeling in the air, it's getting cooler, tempers are settling and smiles are easy to come by. AAAAHHHHHHHH Bliss!!! :D :D :D


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Post by stormer89 »

it's been a lot of april showers here latley.
at least it's not snow...
peace and love and blessed be
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