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Herb garden

Post by gweneverewitch »

hello :)

I have a question about growing my own little herb garden. I dont have alot of space (small apartment) and now window in my kitchen. I really want to grow my own herbs but i don't know if having them outside would be ok cuz i have a couple stray cats that like to hang around my patio and i don't know which ones would be bad if they ate them. Could floresnt lights work for them to grow or do they need real sunlight?

thanks all!!

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Post by Smolly »

dogs and cats dont normally eat plants.
i do know they eat grass sometimes though.
sounds like a good herb to start with, the ones i have are quite small and easy to maintain. mint is also quite nice. lavender is quite big though and so is fennel, chives are quite nice but i dont know how big they grow.
as for the lighting ... i dont know if flourescent lights would work but real sunlight would definately appeal to the plants more!


Post by forgottenDuo »

You can grow just about any herb inside, it just depends on how much of your house/apartment you want taken up by vegitation. A website I suggest taking a peek at is http://www.herbkits.com/ They have a number of plants listed, and starter kits as well.



Post by gweneverewitch »

thank you so much both of you. went to the website and i know what im getting with some of my next paycheck... GO ME.

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Post by Peregrine »

Instead of fluorescent bulbs, I would recommend full-spectrum bulbs. They "mimic" sunlight the best out of all lightbulbs. I hear a lot of people who live up North and get those Wintery depressions easily do well with these bulbs, so why not indoor vegetation? I've seen them for sale at regular stores like Lowe's, where I bought mine for our ceiling fans (even though I do not really need them because I live in Florida).

As for the cats, you can buy a can of animal repellent spray. They have all kinds at places like Petsmart. I had to get some after my cat (a kitten at that time) kept doing things such as hiding behind the sofas and clawing at them like a scratching post, climbing up our live Christmas tree, and of course wandering out onto our porch (we had an apartment then) and chewing on my plants. Make sure you follow the directions on those cans, though. They distinguish between the indoor and outdoor, plus with some you cannot spray the plants directly but instead spray around them.
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Post by Grim Wraith »

Ive heard small bushels of rosemart or basil are good herbs to grow for prosperity. just don't grow bay leaves and burn them, ive also heard they are hallucenogenic.
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Post by Sercee »

I have an indoor herb garden with rosemary, basil, chives, fennel, parsley, coriander, marjoram. thyme and oregano. I have it set up on a 3 tiered corner-designed garden stand, about 47" tall. I installed 2 18" full-spectrum lights (meant for terrarium and vivarium use) overtop with the plants requiring most sun on the top shelp and the ones requiring less below. I have a yard so I move them outdoors in the summer.

Also, I have a few aquariums. For the herbs that aren't going to be eaten raw I water them with the aquarium water. It's wonderful fertilizer.

The whole room is basically my sanctuary.

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