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Advice on asking out

Post by rjmamula14 »

Okay, I agree the only dumb questions are the ones you don’t ask. So I’ll explain and see what advice you can offer.

Of the goals I set for 2020, I have a achieved quite a bit even in the face of COVID. I finished school for accounting, passed the CPA Ethics exam, got an accounting job, got my own apartment ad cut my credit card debt in half. I am 40 and my mid like career change is well on the road to success. I plan to start preparing for the CPA exam next year. Now that so much us out of the way I am turning attention toward my personal life, i.e. dating. The lady at the top of my mind is someone I met through my involvement in political activity. Of course COVID has limited in person activities though our organization still does volunteer work remotely and I have communicated with this person via text and Facebook. So two main questions

1. How to ask out via text without coming across as creepy, desperate or insecure.

2. Suggestions for dating during COVID.

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Re: Advice on asking out

Post by RosieMoonflower »

I would say try to begin the texting conversation and keep it going for a while to build up for the asking out part. After texting for a week or two maybe drop something like. “Hey, I’ve enjoyed chatting with you so much lately, would you want to get together sometime?”

My friend has been dating during Covid (online dating) and she has gone on walks in parks, picnics in parks and a hike in a national park. All outdoor activities to keep it “Covid safe”. I’m not sure where you live but those could be options. Restaurants and bars with outdoor patios could also be options. FaceTime, zoom, or google meet is an option, but I wouldn’t make that my first choice if I were you. I might only use that if she’s acting super worried about getting together in person because of Covid.

I don’t know how casual or serious you want the date to be but maybe go for the walk in the park or on bike trails and then bring her a coffee or a smoothie to sip on while you walk and talk? ( I mean bring yourself one too, lol) I would think most single women would agree to a casual date like that.

Good luck!

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