Dating and relationships

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Dating and relationships

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My relationship history is next to nonexistent yet that hasn’t stopped me from searching. Now I saw the post on this forum about the day of the week you were born on and being a Sunday baby I agree with it that I have a lot of people I hang with but very few, probably no, actual intimate friends, but everybody who knows me tends to like me and respect me. I wonder if that is a detriment to finding a good relationship although I’m sure there’s people like me who have manage to find a good relationship. Then sometimes I wonder if I am truly Looking for a girlfriend or just subconsciously looking for a friend with benefits anyways I want to ask your thoughts on this whole matter.

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Re: Dating and relationships

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Not knowing you personally all I can say is that in having brought up the subconscious friend-with-benefits scenario you probably hit the target.

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