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So a neighbor was throwing a bunch of cds away and other stuff.
I found one cd of many the artist name is peter murphy
looked him up on the web and listening to the cd..
He's grandfather of goth the funny thing is my songs and poetry
are kinda goth.. and I wear dark not bright clothing.
Hmm.. I guess I'm kinda goth I love antiques too.
Who knew.

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Re: Goth

Post by SapphireRoad »

stormofwind wrote: Hmm.. I guess I'm kinda goth I love antiques too.
Who knew.
I might be searching the vids for some ''old Victorian films'' in the upcoming days... kinda feel like smelling the scent of it.

Fingersmith was a great one with a lot of plot twists.
Northanger Abbey I think is popular novel, film a bit gloomy.
By the sword divided was a ridiculously funny series, I've only seen the first season.
Wuthering Heights I don't have heart to finish watching.

U know anything worthwhile?
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