Gary Jules Mad World

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Gary Jules Mad World

Post by stormofwind »

I'm sure you have heard it It's basically how felt my childhood
was I hated school I hated myself even more I wanted to die
everynight because I felt too much as empath which the term didn't exist
when I was a child.
I'm no longer that child and longer have those feelings
about myself.
It's funny how a song can capture somebody's trauma and sadness.
You felt so helpless and alone as a child

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Re: Gary Jules Mad World

Post by RedRavenFox »

I became familiar that version when I saw Donnie Darko.

I can relate to having difficulties in school. I was doing quite well until I started getting bullied relentlessly. My grades dropped and all sorts of horrible things happened.

I have trouble listening to the Gary Jules version. It makes me feel numb and this is coming from someone who listens incessantly to Joy Division.
And when the day arrives
I'll become the sky
And I'll become the sea

And the sea will come to kiss me
For I am going

Nothing can stop me now

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