I warned you

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I warned you

Post by SilverBird »

Blessings all <3

Tonight, I am sharing something that has happened to me over this past year. Last August, I moved to Denver, Colorado, and it has been amazing. The mountains, the trees, the legalized something that rhymes with cot.

Got a full time job transfer at the liquor store I work at, life was good. Then, I heard talk of employees being promoted to a whopping fifty hours a week. Remember this is a retail cashier job, not a job where you follow your art or passion. Unless that passion is taking money from people who lick their dollars before giving them to you... seriously people that is gross and unsanitary please stop that. And to the guy who handed me his gift card that he was holding halfway in his mouth, really gross dude... really gross

So anyway, shortly after I sat in front of my altar and invoked my Patron Goddess Brighid. She told me I would soon be offered that fifty hour promotion, and advised me not to take it. Saying it would be destructive to my craft, and my art.

Well like we all do, I took her advice and stayed at forty and rejected the promotion and lived happily ever after... NOT. I said what do deities know anyway, that's a lot of money and I gonna be bloody freaking rich. Okay I didn't really say that, I at first tried to take her advice until it was offered to me.

This is a retail corporation. They do not respect their employees, they do not value their employees, you're only as good to them as the money you make, and that sums up many businesses.

Then Thanksgiving came, and my boss offered me seventy hours a week, which would last all the way until after New Years. So... I accepted, and I felt Brighid tell me... You are going to regret this

It is now July, I have been working almost an entire year at fifty hours a week. My altar has dust on it, I still have candle holders that need cleaned from Beltane. My Tarot Cards stopped working and needed recharged... I just haven't had the energy for any kind of ritual. What started off as a chance for my craft to flourish, became a living hell.

I tried to move into management... until I figured out they were never seriously considering me for the position, and only said they were in order to appease me... to keep me working. Finally, I said I need something else.

So now I'm going back to school for Journalism, I am about to lose over eight hundred dollars a month and I am terrified, with a big T. I don't know how to live with that big of a cut, I haven't had to yet... not on my own. But I know I have no choice.

And this will also return me to a normal work schedule where I can actually have the energy to practice and grow my craft.

So last week, I had a spark of energy and invoked Brighid for the first time in months... this never happens... really. I asked her to send healing energy to my grandmother who is facing failing health. She responded

I am not going to do your Magick for you

Then she said, I warned you this would happen, you spent all your time working, and haven't had the energy for your craft, and then like the mother goddess she is; she comforted me. She told me when I start school and go down to forty, learn from your mistakes and do not do this again. She then told me to grab a candle and send healing to my grandmother, and she then said she would indeed help my grandmother as well.

She also asked me what did I have to show for all this money, I'm still sleeping on a cot. I went out a lot, and a lot of times, the more you work; the more you spend. I lost myself in the process.

Maybe some people could balance their craft and fifty hours a week at a huge liquor store better than I. Oh let me add, we don't ever have slow times, we're the busiest store in colorado, we have not ever had a slow time since we opened, so that probably added that draining punch to the fifty. But the point is I didn't listen, and I suffered for not listening to that advice. I was warned, and I ignored.

I am not writing this to gloat about my problems, but to offer insight to others. Listen to my mistakes, stay in balance, make time for yourself, don't over work yourself for a dollar that fades away in time. Even if it's your passion, make time for you, and most importantly listen to those who try to help.

It cost me a year of my life, but as I look forward to my semester at college, I know, my hours are going to go down at work, and I believe my energy is going to go back up

Blessed Be all <3

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Re: I warned you

Post by Juniper »

Good advice. Glad you listened and learned from it. It took me a lot longer to stop and listen. I can never get that time back. Felt like I was doing the right thing working all the time but it wasn't right for me. Started losing pieces of myself. Now I do what I really enjoy and make a little money doing it. Sometimes it feels like the slow road to starvation but I love what I'm doing. Free from the hustle and bustle . Good luck on your journey, best wishes!

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Re: I warned you

Post by barker »

Yes brighid is very right with inner potential.

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