A Friends Divorce

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A Friends Divorce

Post by stormofwind »

I have been dealing with since July of this year but it seems like she's
getting worse not sleeping much.. Even though it's been loveless marriage as she told
me for years.. I don't understand being in such a hole she knew it was coming
I have been there for her but at times her sadness takes a toll on me..
We are soulmates and empaths.. She don't do anything to help herself.
I offered her advice she says not.. I care for her but, just getting a bit upset..
When my mom got divorced she was happy to leave that person behind
With my friend her husband is mentally abusive ..
And not mature adult.

I have been lighting white candle holding some crystals.
Any help would be welcomed.. I don't want nothing bad
to happen her with lack of sleep keep feeling
like she may get in car accident.

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Re: A Friends Divorce

Post by greycat »

For me divorce was an ending of an unhappy time. Change can be difficult. When I left I was in a very bad place, by the time my divorce came through it was a crazy sad , happy time. Mourning the loss of a long term ( toxic ) relationship to celebrating a new life.
Leaving my ex was like dying and being born again with scarcely a breath in between.
Take a shot of sadness, joy, death, birth,mourning, freedom, guilt, defeat, triumph, and throw in some emotional and / or physical abuse. Mix it all up like a cocktail and that is divorce.
Well that was my experience of it. When the final decree came through I had a party / wake to lay it to rest. Things still arose now and then. But there was a line to say that was then and this is now.
You can't change your friends past but maybe you can help find a happier future.

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