Safe countries for pet owners

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Safe countries for pet owners

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So, I had a dream about war hitting our country again. I've had these since I was a teenager, never been able to figure out whether they're just describing my less conscious emotions, ancestral memories or if they're premonitions trying to warn me. Better not just ignore them anymore. I don't know if anyone else here has been having similar dreams that they should find a place in case of war, whether it'd be WW3/nuclear war or something less, but I'd be curious to hear if you do and what's your way of dealing with it.

My main concern here is pets. Even while we humans would be able to find a safe place within our country or abroad, it'll be likely we'll be forced to leave the beloved animals behind. I keep wondering if planning ahead could increase chances of being able to save their lives as well, but as far as I'm aware most "safe countries" also have most strict rules about importing pets. Rules that might not be put aside for global crises and humane sentiments. I've found it difficult to find anything on the subject online, so I'd be interested hearing if you've been concerned about similar issues and where would you go during a time of crisis such as war if you have pets.

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Re: Safe countries for pet owners

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In mental health I put up a couple of threads on the world situation and preparedness and emotion burn out. We never touched on pets. You probably don't want my opinion. I'm a retired Ranger. I can be a little to real. I know too much about war to soften things. Having bl00d on your hands never fully washes away.

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Re: Safe countries for pet owners

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Following a global disaster travel would be impossible or severely restricted all assets would be tightly controlled. As much as we love our animals you must know everything would be triaged for human needs and not every human would be deemed valuable enough for the last band aid. Consumable animals might be confiscated. Your best bet is to become a rational "Prepper" and secure all your survival needs for at least three months. If you can hunker in place great, if not have a bug out location in mind that is away from population centers and in range to reach in a day or so on foot. You can keep your animals with you and provide for them. Pick up a good survival manual and learn the tricks. I am a retired Special Operations Commando with 15 years in SE Asia (five on the killing fields) and have survived bad situations. I am a Prepper and plan to provide for self and my two cats.
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