Dealing with our own hypocrisies

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Dealing with our own hypocrisies

Post by HopefulChild »

So I've spent a lot of time outside this spring prepping for planting, and gardening and so on.

I've given up my war against the dandelions and purple clover after my sister in law pointed out that dandelions and clover are the first flowers of the year that honey bee's and other pollinating critters have access to.
So I haven't been digging up all the dandelions and clovers.

But I have been digging up the musk thistle and other "weeds" that either aren't pleasant looking or have thorns and such like Poison Ivy.

And why? So my yard looks square and blank and bland like all the other white people on my street? I hate it. I want my yard to look like a real live space for bugs and animals, not a crisp green rectangle of nothingness.

I've been trying to live the life I think I should with respect for all life. but I purchased a can of wasp spray because my wife hates wasps and I sprayed one today.
I was immediately hit with guilt and shame. I didn't just kill it...I used chemical warfare and tortured it to death with a pyrethroid that shut down it's nervous system in stages.
I deployed...a nuerotoxin. Ok...That's what I'm saying.

I eat meat...especially bacon, that I don't kill myself, which does bother me. but....I don't want to go hunting pigs. I barely have time to do anything as it is, let alone find and hunt wild chickens, pigs, and cows.

I fish as a hobby and rarely eat the fish I catch and I always catch and release with the exception of invasive species (Gar) which I kill and leave on the bank for racoons and coyotes.

I feel like a hypocrite.

I'm wondering if anyone else is struggling with this kind of duality.

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Re: Dealing with our own hypocrisies

Post by SpiritTalker »

Today I washed a spider down the had been in my coffee cup and i freaked. Yes, I felt guilty, said an apology to the Creator for messing up it's handiwork, and to the poor thing itself.

As for hunting and fishing, I don't do those either. If I had to live off the land, it'd be nuts and berries, and tomatoes because I could never eat someone I had raised and fed and cleaned up after. I live in the world into which I was born...urban. Bless those who did the work from which I benefit. I get nauseous in the meat isle of the grocery...body parts on display in the butcher and grill section...and I still eat meats if they don't resemble their original state, on occasion, but less and fewer by choice. I have even had to be on a high protein, lo carb diet under doctor's instruction. Now, if you don't think that isn't a dilemma, I dunno what is.

My yard has my magical lily and may apple shade garden, (i used to do veggies but arthritis killed the joy) a lilac bush that should flower any minute now, and the best clover and dandelions on the block! By my door is a spreading magician's vinca clump. And tucked in a protected-from-nosey-parkers alcove is my mosaic pentacle patio stone and the inevitable gnome, Master of All He Surveys and protector. You do what you can, where you're at.

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Re: Dealing with our own hypocrisies

Post by Becks »

Absolutely. Yesterday the kindies found a salamander that was dying, and it was used as a learning opportunity for the K/1 class. I am doing my teaching practicum with these little folks. I picked it up so the kids could see it, but felt bad for it. I put it back in the bush near the pond after, but it must have been stressed. I hope it inspired the children to see nature and appreciate its beauty. I too eat meat. I don't yet hunt, but would like to. I grew up in a hunting family. I feel like I should do it once. I know not all the meat I buy is ethical. So sad.

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Re: Dealing with our own hypocrisies

Post by WiccanWitch »

I would say you must do as you feel is right with you. If you feel bad using bug spray are there other things you could do to deter wasps? I think in the grand schemes only a quick "crushing" is faster. Otherwise there are traps that would result in a long death, days sometimes. I know Wicca respect all life. Even spiders, I'm told. I still hold to my "professional agreement." They stay out of my home, I don't kill them. But if a creature poses a threat to me or my own, then I see it as self defense. Killing a wasp? Sure can be. They're NOT friendly.

I'm not opposed to eating meat, but I think researching your sources or buying local may reduce the "guilt" since you can have a little control over how it is treated before it is butchered. For example: I feel less guilty buying cage free, organic eggs, grass fed or free range beef. Also you can read up on various types of fish that have less environmental impact or are safer to other animals such as Dolphins and sea turtles. Pacific Whale Foundation provides that I think...

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Re: Dealing with our own hypocrisies

Post by SapphireRoad »

I miss Hopeful Child,
someone to create a topic with such name must be a good person for sure
SpiritTalker wrote:
Thu Apr 28, 2016 5:10 pm
Today I washed a spider down the had been in my coffee cup and i freaked. Yes, I felt guilty, said an apology to the Creator for messing up it's handiwork, and to the poor thing itself.
I had a thought growing ripe quite some time. Me and spiders, seemed not like astral plane friends.
So flies and their buzzing, I came to evaluate as hostility and slayed some.

Now I lanced one to spider's web to see if I'd feel astral sense of gratitude. It started thinking of me... and became friendly. Well now it might get slightly upset that I'm writing about it.

What it changed? I felt a sense of humming ''being at one with nature and all around'' including spiders this time.
I felt sorry for spiders that they usually lurk in for certain death, catching nought till the rest of their days.
If anxious about food they are, it is logical that they induce discomfort in us too.

I had to spray entry hole for ants with chemicals and slayed a lot of them, I might be forced to drive out spiders in case they over-breed or something. Can't keep this kind of things go rogue in house. I think that ''it be impossible to please everyone'' comes altogether considering not only human-human, but also human-nature relations.

A reverence of nature by pagans often includes vegetarianism. I'm thrown out of balance if eating no meat at all, yet summer time forces me to avoid it significantly as it really does succumb to heat by its quality. Greatly. Gonna need to avoid eating eggs too till September I guess.
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Re: Dealing with our own hypocrisies

Post by firebirdflys »

I miss him too.
Yea, I am guilty myself for many things. I tried to be vegetarian once, but really missed bacon, bacon is my downfall. I don't eat much meat but I need protein in the am or I go hypoglycemic. Used to raise our own chickens for eggs, but couldn't bring the birds with us to the new place, and they had started attacking the eggs, once that happens you have to be right there when it comes out or you won't be getting an egg!
Fishing became problematic when I was feeling guilty watching them slowly succumb on the stringer. I love fishing but haven't been in a while due to that and getting away issues. Could only be a hunter if I had to.
Two days ago we discovered termites, really bad. Like they may have to tent. I have no guilt about doing away with the house eaters, does that make me a heartless person? We have to draw the line somewhere. The critters have their job to do, but they will have to go elsewhere. I'm a kinda freaking out. I have chemical sensitivity I'm not sure what we will do, (any suggestions?) And where are we going to go in the middle of a pandemic?
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Re: Dealing with our own hypocrisies

Post by Lord_of_Nightmares »

There's a way to be more logical about "ahimsa" here. (Ahimsa = nonviolence) Death is a part of nature. While I tend to try to keep bugs alive, I end up having to kill some because of potential danger to me, people, or animals. You shouldn't feel shame for killing a wasp.

As for hunting, I assume you're in America because racoons... Those pigs are an invasive species. They destroy natural environments. You'd be doing a service to the environment hunting invasive species such as wild cows, chickens, and pigs.

Not doing anything would be more damaging than doing something even if it is himsa (violence) in these types of situations.

Also, no matter what we do animals die for our food and most of the ones that do have short lifespans. It's kind of like rabbits have to die for our crops. If they do not their populations explode and they do a lot more damage to our crops and the environment.
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