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Pentagram Cross

Post by AnuChild »

A guess this is a bit fluffier than we usually talk about, but this seems the right board for it. I'm a Christian Witch and want to be proud of it and was thinking of buying a pentagram cross (here: ... cross.html)

I showed it to a friend, who is Wiccan, and she made the point that no one (other than me and the fairly few Christian Witches out there) would have any idea what it means. I'm not saying that I shouldn't buy it because of other people's opinions, but neither do i want to cause general confusion.

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Post by hedge* »

If it touches a chord with you Anu, then go for it. :D

You're not talking about pleasing anyone but you, and damn right too :D
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Post by BlackenedRose* »

Go for it!

I wear my pentagram in public (but it's only a little one), and whenever someone sees it I just tuck it away and be noncommittal. It's nothing to scream about, just like my chosen path, but I don't hide it as such........

Anyway, from a distance it looks like a cross.....

Pessamistic Angel
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Post by Pessamistic Angel »

I wear a simple pendant exactly the same as one the website its about an inch and a half , i love it , some people are abit strange about it and ask if its the star of david which i find quite funny.
btw i LOVE the fairy pendants and especially the one of the fairy and pentagram
oh i got oiff topic , yes definitly , Go For It!
and feel proud about wearing it
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Post by moonwitch* »

I say go for it! If you get it and then decide you are getting too many questions or looks.. just tuck it under your top. It is even closer to your heart and you will know it is there.
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Post by Matt* »

I agree, wear whatever you like whenever you like.

If it causes problems tuck it in your top. I wear my protection rune 24/7 and if anybody asks what it is I tell them.

90% of people are interested but it is the other 10% who either laugh, or calll me stupid and to me those type of people are too shallow to understand anyway.

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Post by Phantoms_Angel_Of_Music »

I want one of those puppies thats the nicest one ive seen so far.

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Post by Aubrey Rose5 »

i know i know im dumb but what does it mean?
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Re: Pentagram Cross

Post by SpiritTalker »

This is an old topic but responses got side tracked & hadn't answered the poster's Q on what the Pentagram symbolizes.

Going way back, the five-points in a circle depicts the path of the planet Venus across the sky as seen from Earth over an 8-year cycle & was a mystical symbol of ancient pagan religions. The first Christians were pagans before they became Christian & used a point-up pentagram to represent the five wounds of Christ - the star makes a figure of a man with outstretched arms & spread legs. Magical uses are ancient & symbolize the Earth & forms of matter - air, fire, water, earth ruled by "spirit". Modern US Law Enforcement uses the pentacle as a symbol of legal authority. These themes are broadly related as a symbol of spiritual authority & protection.

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Re: Pentagram Cross

Post by Corbin »

A thought.

Try thinking of the pentagram in symbolic terms; and in magical terms, as a two dimensional representation of the three dimensional - a circle (an endless boundery), a square (cardinal elements, material structure) and a 'cone of power'.

Begins to sound a lot like a symbol of a ritual circle? (there is a lot of other symbolism in there obs - it's a knot, implying both movement and immortality - having no beginning or ending).

... Now a ritual circle is essencially a model of the universe in the microcosm connecting to the macrocosm or indeed the macrocosm connecting to the microcosm (which also cleanly illustrates left and right hand paths to the point where they unify).

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