Caring for Mother Earth

Helping Mother Earth, Recycling, Picking up Litter.
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Putting a house brick in the cistern of your toilet will help save water as not so much is used when it refills itself after flushing. And getting into the habit of turning the tap off whilst brushing your teeth will save loads of water too, just turn it on when you need to rinse your brush.
Keep a water butt in the garden so as it will fill up with rain water which you can then use in the summer for watering Plants.
Start a compost heap. This really reduces the amount of household waste you would normally put in your bin plus you'll have super nutient rich soil that your Plants will just love you for. You can compost all veggie peelings, tea bags, ground coffee, in fact everything except meat, bones, dairy, oils and peanut butter.

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I have not been on this forum in ages, it seems! I'm very glad to find an environmentalism topic, but I'm dismayed by the number of posts! I would think that people who are spiritual and/or pagan would take more interest in preserving our Mother. At some point personal development expands into awareness of world around you and a need to take care of it as extention of your spiritual practice.
For my part, I recycle, conserve water, shop at a local organic farm, buy the rest of my food through coop, buy sustainably raised meat, buy clothing at thrift shop, and try not to shop as much as possible.
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Re: Caring for Mother Earth

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hedge wrote:As most of us feel a divine connection with Mother Earth, and some of us share Earth based religions, I was curious to know how many of us here actually take time out to help conserve our beautiful planet. Do you re-cycle? Do you throw litter on the ground? This includes chewing gum and ciggarette butts ( the latter I am very guilty of, but am making a conscious effort to stop this ) Do you leave your recharger plugged in when you don't need to? Do you leave lights on in the house or the t.v on standby? Do you drive when you really could've walked?
As humans we should be consciously aware of the everyday damage done to our environments, as pagans it should become a part of our spiritual journey. We each can play an important part in helping to conserve our planet. As someone once said "if you're not part of the solution, then you're part of the problem"

Your thoughts please.


It is about time to give great importance in taking care of our nature. Nowadays we already experience global warming effect caused by polluting air, water and land.

Simple things can still make a difference just like recycling, using eco-friendly products, decomposing, conserving energy and the like. The best place to start is at home. Teaching everyone else can influence others as well. :wink:

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Re: Caring for Mother Earth

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i try to eat as little possible meat. i did a school project on it this year - you will not beleive how much meat pollutes. one of the most shocking things is that meat causes 80% of the worlds deforestation. and that was a reliable source. my family also supports earth and eco-friendly stuff, but i still havent convinced them that i can stay healthy by replacing my meat with eggs (onion and green papper and tomato omlette on toast- super delicious and super healthy). i also suppport companies like WWF and i even made my 4-6th grade sign a pettiton to save tigers for my 5th grade exhibition project, and what do you know? soon i got an email from WWF saying that tiger population has increased!!!!!!!!! YEAH BABY!!!
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Re: Caring for Mother Earth

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I will admit-- I'm guilty of not caring enough :'(
But I'm trying to change that, I recycle whenever I can, I try not to litter, and I am currently trying to get in contact with a local nature preservation so I can try to volunteer to help clean up some of the trails :)

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Re: Caring for Mother Earth

Post by Rosewolf »

We recycle whatever we can. There are no recycling facilities for plastic in our area so we have to go for a bit of a drive to get rid of bottles. My husband's sister is very environmentally friendly and takes a bin bag on every walk she goes on which she fills with litter. I think its about helping to cure the problem as well as not contributing to it. Its great not to be a litter dropper but how much better would it be if we could educate other people not to drop litter and remove litter that has already been dropped.

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Re: Caring for Mother Earth

Post by Tasariel »

I care a lot, I'm guilty of not being proactive enough about it.
If I can't find the trash, I won't pick up litter. (I don't litter myself, but I do wish I picked trash up more often)
In my house we not only recycle, but we separate the food garbage (what little there is sometimes) from the paper/plastic/whatever else garbage, and we dump it out in the woods for compost.
We try to avoid using electricity when we don't have to, and lately since I've been more able to I've been walking around town a lot to the stores I like to go to. I prefer it, rather than getting in a hot car lol. But at nighttime I still drive, because my mom isn't comfortable with me walking home at night.
We also use mugs and glasses instead of paper or plastic or even styrofoam cups, so that reduces our trash quite a bit!

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Re: Caring for Mother Earth

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We recycle everything, seperate our plastics and our different glass types, we dont have a compost heap yet but we're working on it. My parents own a few achres of land in the countryside in Germany. I am very glad to see so many people here take an active stance in their enviorment, where people still plant their own teas and where cows are not kept in stuffy stables all the time. Cars are rare here and you can really breathe the fresh air as well. Back in Holland where the real world knocks on my door I am often dissapointed to see people throw things on the street. I often pick things up but I have a problem with germs so I wont always, I try to explain the little things we can do to help mother nature along. For instance, If I plan on having a bath I check if anybody wants to go after me, this way we dont waste any water since a normal sized bathtub takes twice the amount of water a shower does.
I also time my showers, only wash clothes in the weekend and refill bottles of water and store them in the fridge.

Blessings to everyone and may the mother guide your way in life
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