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Re: Tarot vs oracle?

Posted: Thu Jan 15, 2015 9:35 pm
by Moonfire
I use both, actually and find that they both have their strong points. Tarot can definitely be more detailed in paces and pull out a lot more. However, because I'm still learning (or even on cards that I know but give me trouble when I try to interpret them) sometimes I can get so wrapped up in the meaning that it can muddle the intuitive sense I'm getting from it (I'm working on that). Oracle cards only give either one or a small handful of key words or meanings and that's it. I've actually managed to pull out a lot more from oracle cards since I'm pretty much uninhibited by the particulars of a meaning. Its at the point where I can let my intuition really go and work on it as well.

I like both and just use them as I feel they are needed.

Re: Tarot vs oracle?

Posted: Sun Feb 08, 2015 3:06 pm
by OTMoraclecards
I've gotten back into cartomancy blogging after being out of the loop on this subject for a while and I'm surprised to see the tarot vs. oracle debate on many discussion forums and blogs.

I started doing cartomancy (reading cards) over 20 years ago and I've always thought Oracle Cards were the heading. The subheads: tarot, Lenormand, sibilla, angel cards, etc. These are all types of oracle cards.

In most recent years, oracle decks have become seen as these cards with overly positive messages and little depth. But that's not what an oracle deck is. An oracle deck is simply a deck of cards that are used for divination. Tarot, Lenormand, and Sibilla all have a specific structure. But other oracle decks may not follow those specific structures.

Like @Jack, I'm making my own oracle cards. I have one that is Lenormand based. A Petit Lenormand deck is traditionally a 36 card deck with 36 different symbols (fish, ship, child, man, woman, fox, tower). Each symbol has a number of different meanings and you combine the meanings to create your interpretation.

The Sibilla decks are fortune telling decks that typically contain 52 cards like a playing card deck, but each card has images and scenes and a keyword or phrase.

My other decks are The Cinderella Deck which is an oracle deck based on the story of Cinderella. I also made a deck that is a hybrid with playing cards on one side and a visual image and keyword on the reverse side.

So, you see an oracle deck can simply be anything you use for divination purposes to help people with prediction, advice or self-discovery! I like using them all. I've owned and parted with over 200 oracle decks (including tarot, Lenormand, sibilla, etc.). I'm enjoying the process of creating my own decks and learning how to use them.


Re: Tarot vs oracle?

Posted: Sat Feb 14, 2015 2:15 am
by MsMollimizz
Sakura Blossom wrote:There is somewhat of a big difference between the two in my opinion, quite honestly. Tarot cards are usually more in depth with what their meanings hold and I view them as being more thorough where as Oracle cards basically give their meaning right off the bat and are pretty straight forward. Oracle cards don't really have a set structure where as Tarot has a structure and as littlepsychic mentioned, they have different suits. All of the oracle cards I've seen say things like "Blessing, Happiness, Love" and so on. They basically just say what to expect within the title and don't really give in-depth responses to questions. I always see them as something being used for a quick response where I see Tarot as being used for a deeper reading into a situation to get more facts and opinions from the cards.

This, of course, is just what I've found and somewhat of my opinion, but hopefully that can help you! (:

Is that what my readings are ???
I ask in all honesty cause I'm
not sure...
Gentle Light

Re: Tarot vs oracle?

Posted: Sun Feb 15, 2015 5:14 am
by Kat
I use Tarot; printed the deck of pagan cats long ago and now I use it a lot.