Where do you live?

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Where do you live?

Post by firebirdflys »

without being specific, I was wondering where in the world everyone is located? Seems there are many in the mid west and Texas...maybe we can do a survey of sorts to see where the greatest concentration of folks are, and those who are looking for friends in their area may be able to connect...
I'll start,
I live in California...

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Re: Where do you live?

Post by North Star »

I am in Anchorage, Alaska. But Boston runs through my veins lol. ♥ I have known many witches from New England over the years, not so much here...

It can be a lonely and isolated place sometimes, even though I practice Solitary, friends can be great who share the same interests... :D

Great topic, Firebird.

Starfox Amaranth
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Re: Where do you live?

Post by Starfox Amaranth »

I live in Colorado but I lived in Southern California for much of my life.

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Re: Where do you live?

Post by SnowCat »

I live in a cathouse. It's in Colorado.

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Re: Where do you live?

Post by Lillady »

I am in Southern Indiana :)

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Alura Noel
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Re: Where do you live?

Post by Alura Noel »

I live in central Florida :)

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Re: Where do you live?

Post by Faerie_witch »

I am in Northwestern Ohio. :flyingwitch:
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Re: Where do you live?

Post by Lainara »

Back and forth between south east Pennsylvania and Delaware!

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Re: Where do you live?

Post by EbonySunset »

I'm in Yorkshire, England!

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Re: Where do you live?

Post by DPhoenix »

Out in the willywags of Maine! Love it though! Back to nature and really progressing on my metaphysical/occult studies.
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Post by Hunter »

North western Oklahoma in an insanely small town

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Re: Where do you live?

Post by rowenaravenwolf »

I'm from Phoenix,Az

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Re: Where do you live?

Post by AnnaKaterina »

I live near Oslo, Norway.

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Re: Where do you live?

Post by Garnetsun »

I'm from Paris, France, but I recently moved near Lannion, in Britanny. Quite near the island of Guernsey.
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Re: Where do you live?

Post by azriel »

I live in México DF, México.

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