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Re: Ravenmoon's Personal Blog of Shadows

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The last time I posted on this blog was in 2018, almost exactly a month before Dolores passed away in the accident.
Dolores meant a lot to me. I knew she was special and had a special place in my life and in my spiritual journey, but I didn't realize just how special she was to me personally.
I never imagined a world without her, and for a long while it felt as though she was lingering like a guardian angel. Sometimes I still get that feeling. I've honoured her every Samhain since.
Dee connected with and touched a lot of people, and I don't think that she would remember me, but I will never forget her.
Her passing has encouraged me to reach out to my online friends more.

2019 was a busy year. I worked and was in school full time. While I was in school I did maintain a minimal regular practice and observed the sabbats, but most of my focus was on graduating. I graduated this April with honours.
But coronavirus has complicated moving forward. Aside from trying to find work, I've been focusing a lot on spirituality, and the Goddess.

I had started getting reaaaally deep into Irish mythology, to learn more about the Morrigan and all her sisters, and the pantheon as a whole. Not only was I reading the Tain, but I purchased a few extra books on the Morrigan.
But earlier this year another goddess made her presence known to me very loud and very clear.

And on top of that, when I tried to do a ritual with the Morrigan, it didn't go well. She did not like the ritual structure, and a messenger for another goddess swooped in and took over.

I do not wish to name the goddess yet, but her main lesson for me has been to not ever assume I know for certain who she is.
She is a shapeshifter, she is many goddesses and no goddesses. She wants me to read and learn about her and then completely forget everything I just studied.

In that sense it's been frustrating, but also beautiful as I reconnect with Spirit in a profound way beyond the boxes I created for the goddesses through all my years of research.

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Re: Ravenmoon's Personal Blog of Shadows

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Hi there A. Ravenmoon! My, it has been a long time! Good to see you again, and Congratulations on your Graduation! With honors! Yea! Very cool... and my condolences in regards to Dolores, I must have missed what your connection to her was but any loss of important persons in our lives is worth honor.
Very glad to hear your practice is picking up again and right in time for Samhain! I look forward to hearing more from you.
Blessings, Firebird

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