Path of the Hex

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Re: Path of the Hex

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😂 😆 😁 w o w

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Re: Path of the Hex

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"I can't believe it!"
I can!
So much I would like to say, but I'll refrain with: the only person more excited about it is YOU!

So what'sup with the recording? Will there be some type of physical plastic on which the music is imprinted? If so, how can I get a copy? Not looking for a handout, will pay.

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Re: Path of the Hex

Post by L.J.Hex »

Oh yes! ALL formats! GoatowaRex from China is putting the album out on 12" vinyl and a yet unnamed Finnish label will put out a cd and tape. Also we're thinking about making a limited special run of the cd and the tape ourselves, but now with all the labels in cahoots with us, we might not need to. Recording is progressing nicely, I just came home after more vocal stuff, more coming on sunday and I might go record mine already tomorrow. There's still some keyboards coming up, more and more vocals and then of course mixing. The master we will get on the best possible studio available as they do it with quite competitive price for a short album.

The easiest way to get yours is to give me your address here and then pay it via Paypal. Or if you're on facebook you can send a message on our band page or to our guitarist who is the guy dealing with album sales. Then from the labels, but from us, every coin will help us directly. The album will be out late this year or early 2021, depending on million things. We will likely finish all recording and mixing inside a month or so. (I hope, I really can't tell for sure at this time.) The cd and tape might be out before the vinyl as those things often take a long time to get printed.
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