New to Lucid Dreaming and Astral Projection

Discussion about out-of-body experiences (astral travel), lucid dreaming, and other sleep related phenomenon such as night terrors and sleep paralysis.
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New to Lucid Dreaming and Astral Projection

Post by Melonair »

I think I had some form of a lucid dream but I would like some more insight on it. The first part of the dream involved a giant facility with towers of snow starting to crumble and I was in it. As I was trying to make my escape I realized it was a dream and I managed to start playing around a bit. I made fire within my hands and then I just decided to fly out the window. I met someone really nice and quirky who started flying with me and the sensation felt like I was swimming in air. The whole area outside was sunny and suburban, but nothing too surreal.

The weird part was I woke up in my bed again- at least I thought O-O
And I felt it was very real, but some element just seem fake in feeling. I went up to the wall and I did a reality check and I stuck my hand through it. I tried to create a character in a story of mine when I was outside but it ended up failing and some random person with strapped on wings came out, like shooting a gun and having the weird flag come out where the bullet was supposed to be.

It was really surreal but was it a lucid dream that turned into an astral projection? Or just a lucid dream?

Also when creating things should it be effortless or does it take time to practice? Cause it felt like loading up items in a laggy video game
And is there anything else I can do to enhance the experience and make it more chaotic and fantasy like or just keep practicing? I have been meditating for only a month and practicing astral projection. Any tips and stuff would be helpful

Thanks for any advice \(^--^)/

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Re: New to Lucid Dreaming and Astral Projection

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Sounds like you are very near control within the dream.

Had to edit your post as it was too lengthy for the title. Please stop by the intro section and let us know a little bit about yourself over there. Thanks!
Bb, Firebird

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