Is Astral Projecting Dangerous?

Discussion about out-of-body experiences (astral travel), lucid dreaming, and other sleep related phenomenon such as night terrors and sleep paralysis.
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Re: Is Astral Projecting Dangerous?

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Under my belief astral projection is similar to what happens when you die except not permanent in that your spirit leaves your body though from what I understand your still tied to your body in a sense and it's not all that easy for just anything to take your body but it does make you more open to other spirits attacks to a degree, just don't give anything permission to use your body, in short for you to be "body snatched" itd be kind of similar to possession and for something to just outright possess you itd have to be pretty strong or have a special proficiency in doing so
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Re: Is Astral Projecting Dangerous?

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I think the main principle is rather occult-wide than just about astral.
If you boost your energy field by meditations you attract stuff that wants to feed on it.
Same principle if you are a travelling rich merchant, you've got to hire mercenaries to protect your chariot.

I agree that as long as you live you always have a cord attached to your body and yes technically when you've got hostility in your presence you ward it off first, which is at that moment more important than astral exploration or other ventures.
Ann Moura says you've got to cast a circle prior to doing meditation. I guess I ought to be more keen on that.
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Re: Is Astral Projecting Dangerous?

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SpiritTalker wrote:
Wed Oct 03, 2018 3:39 am
It sort of feels like swimming when moving between levels. While in flight i'll see bands of light that signify heavily traveled routes &' thin threads that have fewer travelers. I most often am taken by my guide along these light-routes to astral level lectures along with hundreds of other people. Some lessons come with diagrams, pictures & whole concepts punched into memory. Others are more like a wireless phone call & I'm only slightly detached & hovering near my physical body.
Do you believe that it is required to have the help of a spiritual guide when attempting projection? I haven't attempted to meet or find a guide yet but am interested in attempting projection. What makes me even more interested was the mention of lecture you can attend. Who is teaching them, are they just appearing as light beings like we would? Is the purpose of the lectures to aid our soul's journey of enlightenment? I've never heard of these lectures its so interesting :shock: to me

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Re: Is Astral Projecting Dangerous?

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I don’t know if a guide is absolutely needed or not; it’s just the way I’ve always APd since I was a kid. It seems like a good idea for those trips beyond the neighborhood. I think my guide picks lectures he thinks I’ll be interested in. It might be a lesson on pet grooming one time and Nichola Tesla the next, or on the Secret Space Program, astral navigation, Soul Retrieval, circle casting ... I’d like to see the schedule sometime 😀.

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Re: Is Astral Projecting Dangerous?

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It takes alot out of you..

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