%$#&!! Coronavirus!

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evil ed
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%$#&!! Coronavirus!

Post by evil ed »

Greetings All!
Going "solitaire" since COVID-19 hit, and Imbolc won't be any different! :(
I so miss my Grove and public rituals!
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Re: %$#&!! Coronavirus!

Post by firebirdflys »

I hear ya! our local ADF has been doing you tube videos.
We have an added conundrum in that our dedicant needs to be initiated and unfortunately he cannot travel to us and some of the group was uncomfortable with an in-person rite. We may do an abbreviated ceremony and then do the deed when we see him next. I feel like he is being ripped off for this special time of year, but everyone was in agreement.
It's been Zoom all year with the exception of a couple hikes to leave offerings.
Happy upcoming Imbolc Ed
and All!
BB, Firebird

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Re: %$#&!! Coronavirus!

Post by SapphireRoad »

I only attended one wiccan coven rite in my life, and although it was corrupted and full of intel agents it was still the best spiritual rite-procedure I ever attended and I wished it never to end
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