Samhain Remembrance Altar

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Samhain Remembrance Altar

Post by firebirdflys »

Samhain is fast approaching,
Beside ancestors, other beloveds who have crossed the veil can be honored on your Samhain altar.

It's been Ten years now since I walked into the home where we were to hold our dumbsupper and Samhain ritual. As I passed the the altar, My heart sank as I asked at the same time..."why is Burning Dan's picture on the altar?", I think the tears burst out at the same travels slowly when you don't have facebook :cry: He had passed away earlier that October.
I'll prop up a picture on my Samhain altar of him sleeping in his hammock at our spring campout, and remember this wonderous free spirit. Such a beautiful human, still missed by so many.
Burning Dan (he's the one in the bandana and red shirt)
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