A little Folk Magic

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A little Folk Magic

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Folk magic is an Eclectic’s dream of mixed cultural beliefs and practices.

Hex-Breaker Spell
Mix just the dry skins of whole garlic and red onions (other onions are OK), rosemary leaf, ginger root.
Prepare a name-paper with the name of the recipient written thrice, one above the other like a list. A 3x3 Post-it-note works well. Roll the paper into a tube like a cigarette and fill it with the herb mix. Stand it upright in a dish of sand, dirt or salt & light it. Read the words of the Bible Psalms 34 & 51 as it burns. Collect the ash into an envelope and scatter them at dusk at a cross roads. Best done on a Saturday but not mandatory.

Quick Money Spell
Grind & Mix dried onion skin, basil, bay leaf, cinnamon & 5-finger grass. Make a name paper of the recipients name and roll it into a tube to be filled with the mix & burned as above. Also waft the smoke around the recipient to be blessed while they read Ps 150 aloud as you waft the smoke.

Good Omen Following Spell Casting
. Finding coins
. Finding a white feather
. Dream of the target or randomly see or hear the target’s name
. A clean candle burn if a candle was used
. Seeing your name is a message from Spirit so pay attention to text or circumstances

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Re: A little Folk Magic

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I love reading this knowing how much they make sense.
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