Spell to heal a Friendship (Urgent)

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Spell to heal a Friendship (Urgent)

Post by Dionysus »

Hi Friends,
I would like to know any spells to heal a broken friendship.
I have a friend that unfortunately we aren't talking to each other anymore. :\
Is there a spell that will help heal our friendship?

Blessed be!
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Re: Spell to heal a Friendship (Urgent)

Post by SpiritTalker »

I hate to see an inquiry go unanswered so, for what it's worth...there is a spell for everything. the ones that work are the ones you create yourself. You make the effort by looking up correspondences and what you have on hand to work with. You put your heart into it. easy short cuts of pre written spells from someone else don't touch your heart. Friendship comes from the heart.

Simple direct communication to someone you want as your friend needs to be told they are missed. That's the best spell I know.

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Re: Spell to heal a Friendship (Urgent)

Post by Vesca »

I think in this scenario you'll probably get better results by looking into spells to improve communication and try to open those communication lines.

It will depend on why you aren't talking anymore. Have you tried contacting them the old fashioned way yet and stating that you miss chatting with them? Perhaps they're simply busy right now.

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Re: Spell to heal a Friendship (Urgent)

Post by Raven At Heart »

I agree with Vesca. Best way to heal a friendship is to talk, and listen. If the friend is ignoring you, I'd reccomend calling upon a pigeon spirit to give them the message you and he///she really need to talk, and a dolphin spirit to make the communication more successful. To do this, simply visualize the animal and ask it for help.
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Re: Spell to heal a Friendship (Urgent)

Post by virgodove »

I am yet to try this spell, because I am currently in a similar situation. Hope it works :-) good luck!
Bless x


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