Banishment Ritual/Spell Prayer

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Banishment Ritual/Spell Prayer

Post by Clairsentient_Wolf »

This was written by yours truly and you are welcome to use it. It seems to be working so far. Of course, our Goddess can take any form that you see her as, I happen to see her as Mother Nature.

"I call upon God and Goddess Mother Nature, alike, our beloved and much respected guides and mentors of the universe and our lives, to banish (insert person's name) and have no further contact or words between us as long as we both shall live. May (he/she) find solace in other places or in (his/her) dreams and never think of me again or speaketh my name. If need be, I request a mute spell be placed upon (his/her) tongue and lips to make my name almost unspeakable. If need be, I also request a throat clamp be placed spiritually upon her vocal cords and throat when (he/she) considers speaking of myself in anything other than encouragement and positivism.

May (his/her) thoughts of past experiences involving us both be forgotten and misplaced. May (he/she) instead think of only positive things and encouraging energies be released from (his/her) Chakra, Heart, and Soul unto me.

This I pray in the name of our Holy Wiccan God and our Holy Wiccan Goddess of Mother Nature. I pray that this ritual and prayer be blessed by your unwavering faith in us and your hand of all-knowing justice in such a manner to in turn, bless myself, according to the Threefold Law. Bless me and my obedience of the Threefold Law in accordance of your Laws and Rules and may this prayer be forever engraved with safety and protection from this point forward. Amen".
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Re: Banishment Ritual/Spell Prayer

Post by Binglian »

Hi Clairsentient Wolf, that seems to be a very cool prayer. What would be your advice on this prayer when performing a ritual? Do you recommend using any candles or other materials while performing the ritual? Thanks.

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