Warding and shielding

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Re: Warding and shielding

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I am very happy to come across this. I would like to make my child and I invisible to a group of people. We are moving to a new house so I will be able to bless the place before going in. Would just like to know how you all suggest I go about this. I'd like to protect it and also protect my son when we are apart.

My suggestion would be:

1. You can cleanse and protect with salted water, aka holy water, sprinkled in every room and place salt in corners and on window sills and across doorways.

DIY Holy Water. Bless salt & water separately In the Names of the (+)Father/Mother, (+)Son and (+)Holy Spirit, I imbue you creature of salt/water with the power to dispel harmful forces. Add 3 pinches salt to 1/4 cup water. Likewise bless light olive oil and add 1 pinch of blessed salt to 1-Tbsp oil. Add scents if wanted.

2. The grounding/shielding info above will be useful to getting in the zone. Design a sigil talisman, charge it with intent 🙌🏽 and carry in on you. Cover a paper sigil with clear packing tape for durability, & draw it on shoes & clothing tags, doors, windows, and your car. Make the same design & charge each as you draw it.

There’s various ways to make Sigils you can google. IMO the easiest is to write your intent in positive words ... “we are protected and safe”... this puts the action in the Now rather than wannabe.

Then cross out vowels (a,e,i,o,u) and any duplicate consonants. Mix up the remaining letters into a hieroglyph with a circle around it & cut it out. That’s the sigil. Dab with oil to hold a psychic charge.

To charge 🙌🏽 it, ground yourself. Then pull power on the breath to your solar plexus. State the intent “we are protected and safe” and push power into the sigil. Do the same for every copy of the sigil you make, wherever you place it.

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