Deeper love and engagement

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Deeper love and engagement

Post by Daisyd.89 »

Hi, my deepest wish right now, the one I always pray for, is my ex lover to come back to love me like at the beginning. He still loves and cares of me and we often hang out together. We communicate daily too. All friends still consider us as a couple, too.
The other wish I have is that we get engaged. Of course, he should express his real feelings first but need some courage maybe...and overcome his fears, prejudice or whatever is blocking him.
So I'm thinking to make a spell where I mix both wishes.

If you want to help, I would be glad. That's could be useful for those struggling into a relationship that lost the strong emotions of the beginning or is waiting for a proposal that doesn't come (or return -i take for granted that if he proposes it's because he wants to come back and try again).

1) I prepared first my intentions on 2 pink papers with the corresponding sigil (written with red ink). The first is "(Name of the person) fells in love with me deeper", the second is "(my name) and (his name) get engaged"
2) I thought to put some drops of Holi water, honey, a little white dried rose that he gifted me. Green Adventurine crystal (I don't have rose quartz but it's good anyway for 4th chakra as symbol of love).
3) a picture of us at one of the firsts appointments when we were madly in love. I'm thinking to close picture and messages with a red line. Maybe I can sew an heart the keep us together.
4) close with White vanilla candle wax bought together where I wrote with red pen our names.

What do you think? Could it work?
It's just an idea. Thanks for suggestions.

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Re: Deeper love and engagement

Post by SpiritTalker »

My other spells do fine but I’m not much good at love spells ... my batting record to date is 7 different love spells, 7 stray cats who I have dearly loved. The universe is yanking my chain with consistency.

It would seem logical that doing a love spell on anyone other than yourself can cross into influencing another’s free will. Yeh, spells nudge towards this but a spell making the self overall attracting to a specific other person is different than making that person come hither wither they will or won’t. But focusing on the final outcome alone, as your spell could be adjusted to do, leaves the how up to the universe.

But considering my experience you can take anything I say with a spoon of salt, not just a grain.

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Re: Deeper love and engagement

Post by SapphireRoad »

Daisyd.89 wrote:
Thu Jul 30, 2020 7:49 am
What do you think? Could it work?
It's just an idea. Thanks for suggestions.
Merry meet Daisy.
Green stone is nice idea, I also prefer, quite similarly, emerald over rose quartz.
Lore says it be better to keep spells secret so in my opinion your design is great yet change it at least slightly so that it remains unknown to public.

What I think is best & simplest is to light a candle which corresponds with desired one's aura or soul colour. Engrave into such your names, desire for clear communication lines, protection, maturation of your mutual relationship etc.
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