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Merry meet all


This is a description of the construction and use of witch bags. These witchbags are used by the coven and several others. The design described here and its use was passed onto the coven from an old hereditary witch, who lived in the English Midlands in the early 1900’s. Such bags are similar to Voodoo Gris-gris bags.

The witch bag is a small canvas bag about 2" square (tea bag size) lined with cotton. It is usually decorated by stitch work with a Wicca symbol. The witch bag would be stitched to a cord with others, this cord would be attached to another cord and worn around the waist or kept in the pocket. These would typically be worn at festivals and rituals, but individual witch bags could be worn at any time.

The bag would be filled with items dependant on their use. Once the witch bag had been filled, a candle spell would be performed on the bag, and it would be sealed by the elements of fire, air, water and earth. The bag would then be stitched shut permanently. The bags contain the essence of what was, and is a way of holding onto and providing a link with the natural energy of what they represent. They can be used in rituals and spells. The bags are quite small, so parts of the items, rather than the complete item, could be used to fill them. Fleshy items should be allowed to dry before inclusion into the bag.

Fleshy items that I am referring to are things like juicy berries from trees and bushes, not human body parts, someone once got confused about this before, and may have thought I was a necromancer raising zombies.

Such bags can be used for improving health, protection, magickal power. I have such a bag in my car for protection of the car.

A seasonal witch bag could be made, one for each season, Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter, and sealed on the appropriate Sabbat. Typical contents of seasonal witch bags could include,

Spring : daisy, bluebell, blossom, leaflets, faerie droppings.
Summer : beach sand, seaweed, sea water (dipping the bag should do this), shells.
Autumn : wheat/barley heads, fallen leaves, poppy seeds and heads, dried berries, twigs, moss, fungi.
Winter : snow, earth, ivy, berries. All seasons: Moonlight, animal bones, feathers, stones, crystals.

Getting faerie droppings can be difficult, they do not like to be watched when dropping their droppings. They also cover them up afterwards, they are quite tidy little creatures.

Festive witch bags could also be made for such festivals as the harvest.

Human witch bags would contain such things as human hair, skin, blood, sweat, nail clippings, saliva. A similar bag could also be made for a loved animal.

A very powerful witchbag for protection can be made by filling it with a preparation made from natural substances poisonous plants found in the woods in the Summer and Autumn.

When making a witch bag for home protection, what you should put in it does to some extent depend upon your chosen path and chosen Goddess. Anything put into the bag should be consecrated for its protective purpose when it is being added to the bag, this increases the power of the bag considerably. It is also possible to attach a non-sentient spirit to the bag during ritual for added protection. A curse can also be added to the bag to strike out at any who enter your home uninvited and unwelcomed with evil intent in mind.

Below is a list of ingredients that have a general use in home protection that can be included in the bag. Not all are needed but the more the better. Plants parts are more effective if directly picked from plants.

Woody Nightshade, Mugwort, Mandrake Root, Foxglove, Burdock, Devil's Bit Scabious, Nettle, Deadly Nightshade, Fly Agaric, Destroying Angel, Death Cap, Yew, Wolf's Bane, Wormwood, Comfrey, Mistletoe, Willow, Dogwood, Aloe Vera, Ivy leaves, Colombine, Cuckoo Pint, Horse tail, Rose Bay, Poppy Heads

The things to use for self protection are similar to those used for home protection, except that you also want to add some personal items to tune the bag to your own energy. These can include such items a nails clippings, hair, spit and so on.

The Gris gris Bag

The eye of newt, the wool of bat, a spider’s sting, whiskers from a cat,
the shadow of death, the scream of mandrake, a vile ghouls moan, the spleen of a snake,
the tongue of weasel, the heart of a deer, the stink of a skunk, a bag full of fear,
a faerie’s droppings, a finger of frost, the slime of a snail, anything lost,
all fine to use for Gris gris, but puppy dog tails, give them a miss.

Merry part and brightest blessings
Ithilgore (Philip) :D
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thank you I think since I have allot of time on my hands I think i'll have to get one together. I have an amulet but not one i've made on my own. :)
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cool thanks for postin it.
peace and love and blessed be
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Bumping 2020

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