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Brett's Venetian kitchen 'magical rituals.'

Posted: Sun Aug 12, 2018 9:30 am
by Brett Nortje
This is something I have collected over the years, and, seems to be pretty simple for everyone.

[1] Place a lot of herbs into a frying pan with a little vegetable oil. Then, fry it. This will cleanse the household with 'thin air,' and, remove stress, curses and so forth. This is because it will remove all the collected density of the curse, where it bonds with your body, as you gently bleed it off.

[2] If you were to stir a cup of coffee or tea anticlockwise, if you are right handed, or clockwise if you are left handed, then you will disorient the body and be like a child again. Some people do not like being children, do not like the unknown, they will hate this. Most people like to activate that children's feeling of learning to walk again. where they were encouraged by their parents, and, they will find great comfort in doing this. The trick is to close your eyes and enter a lucid state of images where you imagine the sound of a gentle water fall for the sake of serenity or a hidden garden feature for the sake of beauty. These things will make you, as entering a child like state of wonder, think you are that thing, as is typical of children.

Re: Brett's Venetian kitchen 'magical rituals.'

Posted: Sun Aug 12, 2018 11:02 am
by SpiritTalker
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Egg magic.

Posted: Sun Aug 12, 2018 1:10 pm
by Brett Nortje
This is about 'egg magic.' When you make a egg for the pan, you basically crack the shell and try to put the egg, yolk intact, into the pan. This I found out from witches, it is either a success or a neutral thing, as in nothing bad will happen, or, it breaks, indicating failure or such. I have often wondered how this works, let me try to decipher it for us?

If we were to observe it requires confidence to break the shell properly, where we need to apply force to the shell breaking to get the opening big enough for the yolk not to get clipped on the shell. Then, we will understand that we can use confidence upon question regarding our true nature, a sign that we are committed to our family as a provider of resources, or, a good child for the little ones, or, that it is a sign of success to come. This is where the faeries inhibit the shell to to provide obstacles of life, and, other faeries, where they will show you the make up fate is against you, as they control fate.

Therefore, at surface level;

[1] The true signs are based on confidence with the matter, that you know you can, and that you do it right as a test of your confidence to commit to it, that you feel you can, and therefore when the task rises, you know you can. In western culture, an example could be like a love question, like, does that girl like me back, and, as a third world question, it could be that you ask if you will make your wife pregnant soon, of course.

So, at lore level;

[2] To answer a question other than something of what you can do, or, a question about life, you will notice that the resistance and obstacles are shown to you by the shape of the shell. This is because the faeries collect and provide resistance where necessary,and erode at others with support for your cause.

Thus at scientific level;

[3] The shell is broken by your confidence with the matter, and, your timing, and your body language, and, your destiny. Your mood affects how much force comes down on the shell, and, that will be influenced by your mental, physical and emotional influence on the action. Mentally, you will choose your angle, mathematically, physically, your reflexes will be tested, and, emotionally, you need to handle the pressure. This is founded upon the angle you strike the egg at, the amount of force and the energy relays fro your own fingers to the shell. This can be further explained by the synergy between the three, and, the query is based on the inception of the mind, channelled to the fingers, influenced by the soul. This will come down to a clean break, where a bone will break cleanly if struck correctly. That is what you are hoping for, yes? A fracture would produce some varied resistance, and a bruise would be where you get that membrane on your egg, this is you dominating the problem, of course. This is founded on your ability to deliver, to the problem based on your skills and know how, and, all the essence of you collecting to tackle the problem.

Not hocus pocus after all, hey?

A recap of ancient lore.

Posted: Mon Aug 13, 2018 9:09 am
by Brett Nortje
Long ago, the witch doctors were visited by spirits that told them how to heal all diseases of the time. These found great success with the people, and, the witch doctors and shaman, sangomas and healers found an income specializing in these arts.

Everything was fine, people prospered.

Then, someone got cheap! They used generics and inexpensive remedies for the healing and things went astray. The people were cheated by the system, and, those of renown were bitten by the majority of society.

Things were going badly...

Then, some philosophers got hold of the blue prints, and, forged a new technology, "medicine." They experimented with logic and reason instead of faith, and, made good on many things. They scourged the remaining healers and secretly stole the initial foundations for their evident magic, and, began the age of the third science known to man, the first being agriculture, the second finance, the third, of course, medicine.

Well, that is a bit of history, but I am not a hundred percent sure about the flow of academia, I know it began with agriculture though...

Tasty remedies.

Posted: Mon Aug 13, 2018 9:26 am
by Brett Nortje
The best way to fix your life is with some tasty food. I have heard of sweating diseases out of you with chilli peppers, where the heat makes you sweat all the foreign cells out, no? This is because the body is warming up due to the fuels, so, anything not classed as "native" is excreted, mind you? This follows that eating hot food will clean your system of things like the flu and maybe other infections, quickly.

The best antidote for cancer, I found, was menthol chewing sweets. These refresh the system with their light ingredients, so, excessive amounts of light food will lead to alleviating the system, draining fromt he dense cancer, as, cancer is a density of cells, a lot of rot, where, the cells will stack and compress and overload the space, leading to things like growths and stuff like that. Yes, the best way to keep cancer at bay is to use frilly food, let's use a new word, "clear," yes? This clear food will lessen the density of the cells, and, they will become less dense, as, as we know from science, the density is all that inhibits the differences between mass, and, mass is stored energy, and, energy comes in density, like frequency over the radio signals or such, yes?

With aids, the problem is the opposite, the cells need more density! This is because the aids virus will suck the life from the cells, and, as they are empty, they will seek to empty other things and dissolve the hormones of the organs, where the 'antibodies are forged.' This makes them sick, so, I bet if you look at an antiretroviral drug, you will find much density, no? This would mean that they are wasting their time researching the cure, while they will need only pack it with the densest masses known to tasty food,like grease and glucose! That would slow aids down, to get rid of it, you would need to combine chillies and greasy food to finish it off, of course.

For things like t.b. or inflammations, we need to observe that they will be build ups of 'irritation,' yes? You cough because you have a invoking sample of something dry on your lungs, and so forth. The solution is to use slushy stuff, the stuff like inhaled vaseline and that in food terms is pasta and cheese sauce, of course. Heck, ice cream!

I hope I have justified myself enough, if I need to base this further, please let me know?