The Art of Reading Tea Leaves - Divination

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The Art of Reading Tea Leaves - Divination

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The Art of Reading Tea Leaves - Tasseomancy OR Tasseography

"Tea in wonderland"

Drink a drop of nature,
Swooning in a bowl
Drops igniting dancers
Deep within the soul.

Take a sip of leaf
Swirling in the wind,
Leaves like magic carpets
Causing us to spin.

Pour down this magic potion
Lick up every drop
Turning us to water
Flowing never stop.

- Unknown

The Tea

There are people who are adamant about what type of tea should be used for reading. One source I came across proclaimed “it must come from China” but any loose leaf tea will do in a pinch. There are herbs and blends that are believed to enhance psychic abilities which might be considered. Experiment and discover what works best for you.
Heck, you could cut open a tea bag and use the leaves within. Some people may be horrified by the very suggestion, but at the very least it will give you some practice. The problem in doing this is that the leaves in tea bags are so finely ground that they float about in the cup rather than staying close to the bottom as you drink.

Generally, higher quality loose tea is made of whole leaves, and it tastes so much better than the bits and crumbs that low-grade loose tea is made from… But the larger leaves can be harder to read. You can crush them some before you put it in your cup or pot to brew, so they will form nice shapes and patterns so they don’t look like just soggy leaves on your cup.

Earl grey, Black tea are good options. Black, green and oolong sink to the bottom of the cup, so you don’t get too many in your mouth while you’re enjoying your tea.

Herbal teas aren't the best for reading because most herbs seem to float and you end up using your teeth as a strainer while drinking.

Teas with additional chunks and bits (flowers, fruit peel, whole spices, etc) for reading because they don’t clump as evenly. Instead of saying, "I see an anchor in your cup," it would be, "I see an anchor in your cup, holding a hunk of orange peel."

Variety* *Type* *Size of Leaf* *Flavor/Flavor*
Keemun - Black - Medium - Toasted
Assam - Black- Small - Malty
Darjeeling- Black - Large- Fragrant
Earl Grey - Black- Large- Delicately scented
English Breakfast- Black- Medium- Stimulating
Ceylon- Black- Small- Full
Kenya - Black- Small- Strong
Oolong - Black- Medium – Fruity

- From "The Art of Tea-Leaf Reading by: Jane Struthers

Usually you want a tea that isn’t too fine nor too big. Something right in the middle is great for tea readings. Simply experiment with different teas to find out what works best for you.

The Cup

There are cups on the market that are specifically for tea reading but all you really need is a cup with a nice wide mouth, round bowl that is plain, and preferably white on the inside. I suggest going to second-hand, antique stores or even garage sales and picking up something that appeals to you. It is a nice idea to choose something that you will use only for tea reading.


This link has some perfect cups for tea reading.

Brewing the Tea

There are different methods to brewing the tea.

Option 1: The one method of making a cup of tea is with loose tea placed either directly, or in a tea infuser, into a tea pot and pouring boiling (or very hot depending on the type of tea) water over the tea. If you are making tea in a pot be sure to check if your tea pot has a strainer on the spout ... it’s no good trying to read tea leaves if they won't reach the cup!

Option 2: An easier method is this... add approximately 1/2 teaspoon of tea leaves to your teacup (this will vary depending on the type of tea used and the size of the tea cup so adjust to suit your own tastes). Add barely boiling water. Let stand 3 minutes. Flavor as you normally would and enjoy.

Option 3: Easier still... just make yourself a regular old cup of tea and add a pinch of loose leaf tea to the cup.

Option 4: Make a cup of tea using a tea bag. Boil the water and pour it into the cop with the tea bag. Let it steep and remove the teabag, placing it on the saucer. Then when there’s about a teaspoon of water or so in your cup, tear open the tea bag and squeeze the first clump of tea leaves into the cup and that’s it.

This link has an excellent tutorial on Preparing Tea that covers it in good detail for various varieties.

Drinking the Tea

Part of the ritual of this form of divination is to sit down and enjoy the tea and the company of your fellow drinkers before you get started. This is not as frivolous as it sounds as it allows you to relax and also gather your thoughts.

Before you even start the reading, there may already be some early signs to interpret:

- Bubbles on the surface of your tea or coffee means that money is on its way.

- If any tea leaves are floating on the surface, then visitors are imminent. The number of leaves shows how many days away they are.

- If two teaspoons are accidentally placed on a saucer, then you can expect news of twins soon.

- If a teaspoon is placed upside down onto a saucer then you will hear news of the ill-health of a close relative.

While drinking the tea you can either not think of anything in particular, using your left hand (or whichever isn't your dominant hand) to hold the cup. The reasoning behind this is that the drinker does not influence the reading with their will.

Drink most of the tea, leaving a bit at the bottom which will allow you to “swirl” the remnants.

There are many different ways to drink the tea. Drinking the tea with your right hand will assist in reading the future while using the left will look into the past, others don’t care at all. Some might choose to focus intently on a specific question or concern while drinking (and the symbols will address whatever question).

The Swirl

When the tea has been all drunk up, take the cup and place a saucer over the top. With both hands swirl it around a few times (I do this counterclockwise just because it is most comfortable for me) then turn them upside down. Wait a few moments, then turn the tea cup over to reveal the leaves.

Here are some other popular techniques:
• using the left hand swirl the cup three times clockwise and overturn it into a napkin or saucer allowing the liquid remnants to absorb into the cloth or drip onto the saucer

• drink most of the tea and add some loose tea from the strainer to the last bit of water, take another sip then swirl it three times, turn over onto a saucer or cloth and read the leaves in the cup

• the querant holds the cup in left hand, while thinking of a question, they swirl the tea in the cup clockwise thrice, taking at least one sip

• simply let the drinker finish all of the liquid and read the leaves that are in the cup as they sit

• the person whose fortune is to be told should turn the cup three times, counterclockwise by holding the cup in the left hand and turning it using the handle

The Reading

The first thing you might want to do is get an overall feeling of the leaves.

• A few scattered leaves might mean uneventful times are ahead.

• Any distinct drops of tea or coffee that remain in the cup despite the swirling and emptying of the cup, represent tears.

• A very large clump of tea leaves indicates trouble. Near the handle - trouble caused by your own making. Opposite the handle - the trouble is not your fault.

• Tea-stalks indicate people. Long stalks indicate men. Shorter stalks indicate women. Pale or dark stalks indicate coloring. Slanted stalks indicate untrustworthy people.

Glance into the cup then leave it for a few minutes “to let the leaves settle” before beginning the search for symbols.

Most tea leaf readers interpret the patterns that the dark tea leaves make against the light background of the cup. However, some also read the images formed in white (seen on the cup itself), with the dark clumps of tea leaves forming the background or a combination of both.

A popular reading method is to begin at the handle (from the handle going clockwise) and look for symbols, shapes and letters around the cup. Anything found around the handle represents something occurring close to, or within the home or it could represent the person asking the question. Symbols close to the rim are said to indicate things are about to happen or will happen very soon. The deeper in the cup the images appear the further into the future they will happen or take place.

Another way to determine time is to look at which side of the handle the leaves are ... to the left are things that happened in the past, to the right events that will happen in the future the handle representing the present and the further away the leaves are from this the further away in time (or perhaps even physical or emotional distance) the occurrences are.

Also, some people think that symbols near the bottom of the cup represent intense emotional experiences and the higher up the cup it is less “heavy” emotions to the top that represents the “happy zone.”




Some believe that they can only see 24 hours ahead in their readings. Then there are those lucky ones who can see a lifetime the bottom of a teacup. In this last instance, the cup may be divided into months and then again into years. The top half of the cup would represent the coming year and the bottom half the distant future.


phpBB [video]

Personally, this is the first symbol that I saw in her teacup, a Panda! :flyingwitch:


The Symbols

See which symbols jump out at you and grab your attention first. I feel that these are the most important or dominant messages. Those that are hidden, or take longer to find, might mean something more subtle. Don’t look for perfect images, treat tea leaves as you would clouds, use your imagination and impressions.

It is important to understand that symbols hold different meanings for different people. Personal experiences and cultural upbringing will have an effect on our interpretations of the symbols present. When I see a boot I think of the military and protection (not a sign of “Achievement” as it says on the list of interpretations). For me, a black heart is a warning of an upcoming argument, X’s and O’s are love and well wishes, mountains are news from distant relatives and smiling faces are good news or good things to come.

Look into your cup and decide what the meanings the symbols hold for you. Keep a log or tea reading journal to decipher what you see. Definitely look at others interpretation lists, but more importantly trust your own instincts.

I put this here instead of in General Divination because it's food/drink related!

Sources: ... -a-primer/


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Re: The Art of Reading Tea Leaves - Divination

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Tea leaf Symbols Dictionary


Abbey -Freedom from worry.
Ace of Clubs -A letter.
Ace of Diamonds -A present.
Ace of Hearts -Happiness.
Ace of Spades -A large building.
Acorn -Success At top of cup - Financial success. Middle of cup - Good health. Near bottom of cup - Improvement in health or finances.
Aircraft -Sudden journey, not without risk. Possible disappointment. If broken indicates an accident.
Alligator -Treachery, an accident.
Anchor -Top of cup - success in business and romance. Middle of cup - prosperous voyage. Near bottom of cup - social success. Obscured - anticipate difficulties.
Angel -Good news.
Ankle -Instability.
Ant -Success through perseverance.
Anvil -Conscientious effort.
Apple -Business achievement.
Arc -Ill health, accidents.
Arch -Journey abroad, a wedding.
Arrow -Bad news.
Axes -Difficulties and troubles that will be overcome.


Baby -A series of small worries.
Bag -A trap ahead. If open - you can escape; if closed - you will be trapped.
Bagpipes -Disappointment.
Ball -A person connected with sport, or variable fortunes in your life.
Balloon -Short-term troubles.
Barrel -A party.
Basin -Trouble at home. If broken - serious trouble.
Basket -If empty - money worries. If full - a present. If near the handle of cup - a baby. If near the top of cup - possessions. If full of flowers - social success. Surrounded by dots - unexpected money coming your way.
Bat -False friends, a journey ending in disappointment.
Bath -Disappointment.
Bayonet -A minor accident, a spiteful remark.
Beans -Poverty.
Bear -Facing handle of cup - irrational decisions cause difficulties. Facing away from handle of cup - a journey.
Bed -Inertia.
Bee -Social success, good news. Near handle of cup - friends gathering. Swarm of bees - success with an audience.
Beehive -Prosperity.
Beetle -Scandal, a difficult undertaking.
Bell -Unexpected news. Near top of cup - promotion. Near bottom of cup - sad news. Two bells - joy. Several bells - a wedding.
Bellows -Plans will meet with setbacks.
Bird -Good news.
Birdcage -Obstacles, quarrels.
Bird's nest -Domestic harmony, love.
Bishop -Good luck coming. -
Boat -Visit from a friend, a safe refuge.
Book Open - expect legal actions, future success. Closed - delays, difficult studies.
Boomerang -Treachery, envy.
Boot -Achievement, protection from pain. Pointing away from handle of cup - dismissal. Broken - failure.
Bottle- One bottle - pleasure. Several bottles - illness.
Bouquet -Love and happiness.
Bow - (Bow and Arrow) Scandal, gossip.
Box- Open - romantic troubles solved. Closed - the lost will be found.
Bracelet -Impending marriage.
Branch -With leaves - a birth. Without leaves - a disappointment.
Bread -Avoid waste.
Bridge- An opportunity for success.
Broom- small worries disappear, a false friend.
Buckle -Disappointments ahead.
Bugle- Hard work necessary.
Building- A move.
Bull- Quarrels, enmity.
Buoy- Keep hoping.
Bush- New friends, fresh opportunities.
Butterfly -Frivolity, fickleness. Surrounded by dots - frittering away money.


Cab -A disappointment.
Cabbage -Jealousy causes complications at work.
Cage- A proposal.
Camel -Useful news.
Candle- Help form others, pursuit of knowledge.
Cannon- News of a soldier or a government employee.
Cap- Trouble ahead - be careful.
Car- Good fortune.
Cart- Success in business.
Castle- Financial gain through marriage, a strong character rising to prominence.
Cat- A quarrel, treachery, a false friend.
Cattle- Prosperity.
Chain- An engagement or wedding.
Chair- An unexpected guest. Surrounded by dots - financial improvements.
Cherries- A happy love affair.
Chessmen- Difficulties ahead.
Chimney- Hidden risks.
Church- Ceremony, unexpected money.
Cigar- New friends.
Circle- Success, a wedding. With a dot - a baby. With small lines nearby - efforts hampered.
Claw- A hidden enemy.
Clock- Avoid delay, think of the future, a recovery from illness.
Clouds- Trouble ahead. Surrounded by dots - money trouble ahead.
Clover- Prosperity.
Coat- A parting, an end of a friendship.
Cockatoo- Trouble among friends.
Coffeepot- Slight illness.
Coffin- Bad news.
Coin- Repayment of debts.
Collar- Dependence on others for success and happiness.
Column- Promotion, success, arrogance.
Comb- Deceit, a false friend.
Comet- An unexpected visitor.
Compass- Travel, a change of job.
Corkscrew- Curiosity causing trouble.
Crab- An enemy.
Crescent -A journey.
Cross -Sacrifice, trouble, ill health. Within a square - trouble averted. Two crosses - long life. Three crosses - great achievement.
Crown -Honor, success, a wish coming true, a legacy.
Crutches -Help from a friend.
Cup- Reward for effort.
Curtain- A secret.
Cymbal -Insincere love.


Daffodil- Great happiness.
Dagger- Impetuousness, danger ahead, enemies.
Daisy- Happiness in love.
Dancer- Disappointment.
Deer -A dispute or quarrel.
Desk- Letter containing good news.
Devil- Evil influences.
Dish- Quarrel at home.
Dog- Good friends. If running - good news, happy meetings. At bottom of cup - friend in trouble.
Donkey- Be patient and optimistic.
Door- Strange occurrence.
Dot- This symbolizes the importance of the nearest symbol. Several dots - money.
Dove- Good fortune.
Dragon- Unforeseen changes, trouble.
Drum- Scandal, gossip, a new job, arguments.
Duck- Money coming in.
Dustpan- Strange news about a friend.


Eagle- A change for the better.
Ear -Unexpected news.
Earrings -Misunderstanding.
Easel- Artistic success.
Egg- Prosperity, success - the more eggs the better.
Eggcup- Danger is passing.
Elephant- Wisdom, strength, lasting success, a trustworthy friend.
Engine- News on its way fast.
Envelope- Good news.
Eye- Overcoming difficulties, take care.


Face- One face - a change, setback. Several faces - a party.
Fairy- Joy and enchantment.
Fan- Flirtation, indiscretion.
Feather- Instability, inconsistency, lack of concentration.
Feet- An important decision.
Fence- Limitation to activities, minor setbacks, future success.
Fender- Beware of a person you dislike.
Fern- Disloyalty, an unfaithful lover.
Finger- Emphasizes the symbol to which it points.
Fir- Artistic success. The higher the tree, the better.
Fire- Achievement, avoid hasty over-reactions.
Fireplace- Matters related to your home.
Fish- Good fortune in all things, health, wealth and happiness.
Fist- An argument.
Flag -Danger ahead.
Flower- Wish coming true.
Fly- Domestic irritations. The more flies, the more petty problems.
Font- A birth.
Fork- A false friend, flattery.
Forked- Line Decisions to be made.
Fountain- Future success and happiness.
Fox- A deceitful friend.
Frog- Success through a change of home or job, avoid self-importance.
Fruit- Prosperity.


Gallows- Social failure, enemies confounded.
Garden roller -Difficulties ahead.
Garland -Success, great honor.
Gate -Opportunity, future happiness.
Geese- Invitations, unexpected visitors.
Giraffe- Think before you speak.
Glass -Integrity.
Glove- A challenge.
Goat -Enemies threaten, news about a sailor.
Gondola- Romance, travel.
Gramophone- Pleasure.
Grapes -Happiness.
Grasshopper- News of a much travelled friend.
Greyhound- Good fortune.
Guitar- Happiness in love.
Gun- Trouble, quarrels.


Hammer- Overcoming obstacles, ruthlessness, work that is uncongenial.
Hand- Friendship.
Handcuffs- Trouble ahead.
Hare- Timidity, news of a friend.
Harp- Harmony in love.
Hat -A new occupation, a change. Bent and broken - failure likely. In bottom of cup - a rival. At side of cup - diplomacy.
Hawk -Sudden danger, jealousy.
Hayrick- Think before you act.
Head- New opportunities.
Heart- Love and marriage, a trustworthy friend.
Heather- Good fortune.
Hen- Domestic bliss.
Hill- Obstacles, setbacks.
Hoe- Hard work leading to success.
Holly- An importance occurrence in the winter.
Horn- Abundance.
Horse- Galloping - good news from a lover. Head only - romance.
Horseshoe- Good luck.
Hourglass- A decision that must be made.
House- Security.


Iceberg- Danger.
Initials- Usually those of people known to you. If next to a triangle, the initials of strangers.
Inkpot- A letter.
Insect -Minor problems soon overcome.
Ivy leaf- Reliable friend.


Jester- Party or social gathering. Alternatively - avoid frivolity, be serious.
Jewelry- A present.
Jockey- Speculation.
Jug- Gaining in importance, good health.


Kangaroo- Domestic harmony.
Kettle- Minor illness. Near handle of cup - domestic bliss. Near or at bottom of cup - domestic strife.
Key- New opportunities, doors opening. Crossed keys - success. Two keys near bottom of cup - robbery.
Keyhole- Beware of idle curiosity.
King- A powerful ally.
Kite- Wishes coming true, do not take chances, scandal.
Knife- Broken relationships. Near handle of cup - divorce. On bottom of cup - lawsuits. Crossed knives - arguments.


Ladder- Promotion.
Lamp- Near handle of cup - money. Near rim of cup - celebration. On side of cup - personal loss. On bottom of cup - Postponed social event. Two lamps - two marriages.
Leaf- Prosperity, good fortune.
Leopard- News of a journey.
Letter- News. Near dots - news about money.
Lighthouse -Trouble threatening, but averted. Success through a friend.
Lines -Straight and clear - progress, journeys. Wavy - uncertainty, disappointment. Slanting - business failure.
Lion- Influential friends.
Lock- Obstacles in your path.
Loop -Impulsive actions could bring trouble.


Man- Near handle of cup - a visitor. Clear and distinct - dark-haired visitor. Not well-defined - fair-haired visitor. With arm outstretched - bearing gifts.
Map -Travel and change. The country it indicates could show a visit to that place, or represent someone from there.
Mask- Deception.
Medal- A reward.
Mermaid- Temptation, an offer that is not what it seems.
Mitre- Honors.
Monkey- A flattering mischief-maker.
Monster- Terror.
Monument- Lasting happiness.
Moon- Full - a love affair. First quarter - new projects. last quarter - fortune declining. Obscured - depression. Surrounded by dots - marriage for money.
Mountain- Obstacle, high ambition.
Mouse -Theft.
Mushroom- Growth, setbacks. Near handle of cup - a home in the country.
Music- Good fortune.


Nail- Malice, injustice, sharp pain.
Necklace- Complete - admirers. Broken - the end of a relationship.
Needle- Admiration.
Net- Traps for the unwary.
Numbers- Indicate a timescale, the number of days before an event occurs.
Nun- Quarantine.
Nurse- Illness.
Nutcrackers- Difficulty is passing.


Oak -Good fortune.
Oar- A small worry, help in difficulties.
Octopus- Danger.
Opera glasses- A quarrel, loss of a friend.
Ostrich- Travel.
Owl -Gossip, scandal, failure. At bottom of cup - financial failure. Near handle of cup - domestic failure.
Oyster -Courtship, acquired riches.


Padlock -Open - a surprise. Closed - a warning.
Palm -tree Success, honor, happiness in love.
Parachute -Escape from danger.
Parasol- A new lover.
Parcel -A surprise.
Parrot- A scandal, a journey.
Peacock- With tail spread - riches, land. Surrounded by dots - a life of luxury. Next to a ring - a rich marriage.
Pear- Comfort, financial ease.
Pentagon -Intellectual balance.
Pepperpot- A troublesome secret.
Pig -Material success brings emotional problems.
Pigeon -Sitting - an improvement in trade. Flying - important news.
Pillar- Supportive friends.
Pipe -Thoughts, solution to a problem, keep an open mind.
Pistol- Danger.
Pitchfork- Quarrels.
Policeman- Secret enemy.
Pot -Service to society.
Profile -New friend.
Pump -Generosity.
Purse -Profit. At bottom of cup - loss.
Pyramid -Solid success.


Question mark -Hesitancy, caution.


Rabbit -Timidity, be brave.
Railway- Long journey.
Rainbow- Happiness, prosperity.
Rake- Be organized.
Rat -Treachery.
Raven- Bad news.
Razor- Quarrels, partings.
Reptiles -Treacherous friend.
Rider -Hasty news.
Ring- Completion. Near top of cup - marriage. Near middle of cup - proposal. Near bottom of cup - long engagement. Complete ring - happy marriage. Broken ring or ring next to cross - broken engagement. Two rings - plans working out
Rocks -Difficulties.
Rose- Popularity.


Saucepan- Anxieties.
Saw -Interfering outsider.
Scales -A lawsuit. Balanced scales - justice. Unbalanced scales - injustice.
Scepter- Power, authority.
Scissors- Domestic arguments, separation.
Scythe- Danger.
Shamrock- Good luck, wish coming true.
Sheep- Good fortune.
Shell -Good news.
Ship- Successful journey.
Shoe -A change for the better.
Sickle- Disappointment in love.
Signpost- Draws attention to the symbol to which it points.
Skeleton- Loss of money, ill health.
Snake -hatred, an enemy.
Spade- Hard work leads to success, or avoid taking side of cups.
Spider- Determined and persistent, secretive, money coming.
Spoon- Generosity.
Square- A symbol of protection, comfort, peace.
Squirrel- Prosperity after a hard time.
Star -Good health, happiness. Five-pointed star - good fortune. Eight-pointed star - accidents, reverses. Seven stars together - grief.
Steeple -Slight delay, bad luck.
Steps- An improvement in life.
Sun- Happiness, success, power.
Swallow- Decisiveness, unexpected journeys.
Swan- Smooth progress, contented life.
Sword- Disappointment, quarrels.


Table- Social gathering. Surrounded by dots - financial conference.
Teapot- Committee meeting.
Telephone- Forgetfulness causes trouble.
Telescope- Adventure.
Tent- Travel.
Thimble- Domestic changes.
Toad -Beware of flattery.
Torch- A turn for the better.
Tortoise -Criticism.
Tower- Opportunity, disappointment.
Tree -Changes for the better, ambitions fulfilled. Surrounded by dots - your fortune lies in the country.
Triangle- Something unexpected. Point upward - brings success. Point downward - brings failure.
Trident- Success at sea.
Trunk- A long journey, fateful decisions.


Umbrella- Annoyances, a need for shelter. If open - shelter found. If closed - shelter refused.
Unicorn -A secret wedding.
Urn -Wealth, happiness.


Vase- A friend in need.
Vegetables -Unhappiness followed by contentment.
Violin -Egotism.
Volcano- Emotions out of control.
Vulture -Loss, theft, an enemy in authority.


Wagon -A wedding.
Walking stick- A visitor.
Wasp- Trouble in love.
Waterfall- Prosperity.
Weather -vane A difficulty, indecisiveness.
Whale- Business success.
Wheel- Complete - good fortune, earned success. Broken - disappointment. Near rim of cup - unexpected money.
Wheelbarrow- A meeting with an old friend.
Windmill- Business success through hard work rather than brilliance.
Window -Open - good luck through a friend. Closed - disappointment through a friend
Wings -Messages.
Wishbone- A wish granted.
Wolf- Jealousy, selfishness.
Woman- Pleasure.
Worms- Scandal.
Wreath- Happiness ahead.



Yacht -Pleasure.
Yoke -Being dominated.


Zebra- Adventure overseas, an unsettled life.
Zeppelin- Delays, perseverance necessary.

An extensive list of animals symbols - some of these symbols meanings conflict with whats listed in the other. Go with which one feels right for you.

Alligator - aggression, survival, adaptability
Ant- team player, worker
Armadillo - active, nocturnal, protection

Bat - guardian of the night, cleaner
Bear - power, adaptability
Bear Paw - strength, mobility
Beaver - builder, gather
Bobcat - fierce, loner intensity
Brontosaurus - harmless giant
Buffalo - sacredness, life builder
Buffalo Skull - sacredness, reverence for life
Bull - strength, warning
Butterfly - metamorphosis, carefree, transformer

Camel - weary, enduring
Cat - independence, grace, healing
Cougar - leadership, courage
Cow - patience, stoicism
Coyote - prankster, insight, playful
Crane - solitude, independence

Deer - love, gentleness, kindness
Dog - loyalty, protection
Dolphin - kindness, play, bridge man to ocean
Dove-love, peace, gentleness
Dragon - wisdom, nobility
Dragonfly - flighty, carefree

Eagle - divine spirit, connection to creator
Elephant - long life, self-preservation
Elk - strength, agility, freedom

Fox - cunning, provider, intelligence
Frog - connection with water element

Giraffe - watchfulness, mobility
Goat - stubborn, omnivorous
Goose - faithful, communicative, traveler
Gorilla - brute strength, adaptability
Grizzly Bear - hunter, nature's pharmacist

Hawk - messenger, stopper of time
Hippo - linking water and earth, survival
Hopi Hand - life, creative, healing
Horse - stamina, mobility, strength
Hummingbird - messenger, stopper of time

Kangaroo - feisty, fun loving

Lion - power, strength, respect
Lizard - conservation, agility
Loon - solitude, song, romance

Manatee - peaceable, unassuming
Mastodon - lumbering giant
Monkey - playfulness, agility
Moose - headstrong, unstoppable, longevity
Mouse - timid, secretive, and sneaky

Orca - focus, power
Ostrich - fickle, fast moving
Otter - laughter, curiosity, truth, patience
Owl - wisdom, perseverance

Panda - playful, kindness
Pegasus - carrier of lightning
Pelican - ever watchful, grace
Penguin - playful, loving
Pheasant - confidence, attraction, perseverance
Pig - intelligence, hunger
Polar Bear - fearlessness, power

Quail - sacred spiral, ceremonial, Holy

Rabbit - alertness, resourceful
Raccoon - bandit, shy, determination
Ram - new beginning, teacher, hoarders
Raptor - speedy thief
Raven - trickster, mischievous
Rhino - durability, strength
Road Runner - speed, agility, cleverness

Salmon - instinct, persistence, determination
Scorpion - defense, self-protection
Seahorse - confidence, grace
Shark - hunter, survival
Skunk - wary, conspicuous, and intense
Snake - shrewdness, transformation
Spider - creative, pattern of life
Squirrel - trusting, innocence
Steer Skull - silent testimony
Stegosaurus - the covered lizard
Swan - grace, balance, festive

Thunderbird - caller of rain
Turkey - smart, elusive
Turtle - self - contained creative source

Unicorn - redemption, salvation

Water Buffalo - great strength, hard working
Whale - wisdom, power, cleanser
Wolf Paw - freedom, success, guidance

Zebra - family-oriented


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Re: The Art of Reading Tea Leaves - Divination

Post by Khaleesi »

That's awesome! I've always wondered how a person reads tea leaves. Thanks for posting this!

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Re: The Art of Reading Tea Leaves - Divination

Post by Kassandra »

Khaleesi wrote:I've always wondered how a person reads tea leaves.
My thoughts exactly. I have 2 acquaintances who read tea leaves, but I never looked into how it was done.

How fun is this?! I am going to sit down with this info and play with it, and see what comes of it. I think I'm going to do tea readings on everyone I know. hahaha

Thanks for posting, Alura.


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Re: The Art of Reading Tea Leaves - Divination

Post by firebirdflys »

This is where I wish Scaravich was still around...I bet he reads tea leaves.
It would be nice to hear some results also...
I think I'm going to go make some tea right now!
Thanks you guys

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Re: The Art of Reading Tea Leaves - Divination

Post by Willow_NightWolf »

This is perfect! I've been looking on information about this for awhile now. I've been reading tea leaves by trial and error (and snippets of internet information) for maybe a year now. Very glad this was posted!

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Re: The Art of Reading Tea Leaves - Divination

Post by Alura Noel »


Man oh man, there are so many different ways to do tea readings. Finally had to try and attempt to compile some info on this so I could give it a go!

Glad you guys are liking this, it's really a lot of fun especially doing it as a group with other people. I'd love to do this with my mom and Memaw (grandma). :D

Firebird, I was thinking the same thing. I wish Scaravich was still around so he could put in his input! Especially about what kind of teas would be the best for it. It was really hard trying to find out what kind of leaves would be good to start out with to do this. Hope he comes on back around...


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Re: The Art of Reading Tea Leaves - Divination

Post by Alura Noel »


My friend of mine saw this post and got inspired to try this out herself. She went home and did this but she had a hard time seeing any symbols. She kept trying and ended up calling me to tell me this and say she was stumped. Thought this would be of benefit to post this up here for other people who may be having this problem too.

Tea Leaf Trouble Shooting

Problem: I'm not seeing anything that even resembles an object or symbol?

Tasseography: is a divination or fortune-telling method that interprets patterns in tea leaves, coffee grounds, or wine sediments.

The most important thing you need to do to be successful at reading tea leaves and really get any benefit out of reading tea leaves is to have a good imagination. The whole basis behind this form of divination is to try and find any clump of leaves that resemble something else.


Here's some suggestions and "exercises" that I suggested to her to help get that imagination flowing to see shapes and symbols.

Cloud watching: Maybe as a passenger in a car or just being outside, look at the clouds and try to find clouds that resemble things. Discuss it with the people around you and ask what they see. I always thought this was fun to see what the other person was seeing and comparing.


Popcorn Ceilings: If you have that textured stuff up on your ceiling of your house. Try laying in bed, looking up at the ceiling, and search to see if any of the "popcorn" bumps create a symbol. I use to do this (and still do) when I'm bored and in bed.

Bathroom or Shower Tiles: I know this one probably is kinda silly but if you have tiling in your bathroom or shower that looks like this - you can look for symbols on it.


So while taking a shower, or perhaps while on the toilet and there's nothing to keep your mind busy look at the tiling and look to see if there's any symbols. I do this all of the time too. There's cat face right by my faucet. :)

Ink/paint Blots: This one is a classic. You always see this one on the movies when it comes to therapists. I think this are a good way to get to thinking a bit more creatively. You could look at this online or make them yourself with some paint. Fold a white piece of paper and half then open it back up. Put some paint randomly in the middle, or do whatever you want really and then refold it back over the way you had it. Press and smooth it and then open it up for the surprise reveal.



Some other things you could look at to look for patterns:

Rocks that are textured
Bark on trees/ Grain in wood furniture or flooring
Toaster browning on toast
Pepper flecks on fried eggs
Veins on Plants
Textured walls
The way light illuminates certain things, shadows

Effectively anything with patterns, texture, and objects with different color variations on it.

By practicing looking for symbols on other things and getting into the habit of searching for symbols everywhere, looking for symbols made of tea leaves will come easily.


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Re: The Art of Reading Tea Leaves - Divination

Post by Jade Rose »

Oh, this is very interesting for someone like me.

I've never even heard of tea reading before, to be honest. I'm only familiar with coffee reading (Turkish Coffee).

Hm, I wonder if they all follow the same "rules" or interpretations though.

But thank you Alura! I'm gonna have fun trying this one out. :)

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Re: The Art of Reading Tea Leaves - Divination

Post by North Star »

Alura this sounds very interesting and fun! I love it.

I have no experience with tea leaves, really. When I was young (very little, like 5) my mom and aunts would go to this older woman who would read tea leaves. They say she was awesome at it, too. Apparently she loved it when they brought me along, and I adored her... and I still remember her talking to me in Portuguese, although I cannot remember what she was saying or think I even understood! I wish I remembered that lady more, she was something else from what I hear!

I am going to ask my mother more about this tomorrow. I am curious now to know more, they have said she was always right on with her readings. I will post if I find anything interesting out!

I think I would enjoy trying this. Thanks for sharing! smileylove

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Re: The Art of Reading Tea Leaves - Divination

Post by facetowindow »

North Star wrote:Alura this sounds very interesting and fun! I love it.

I have no experience with tea leaves, really. When I was young (very little, like 5) my mom and aunts would go to this older woman who would read tea leaves. They say she was awesome at it, too. Apparently she loved it when they brought me along, and I adored her... and I still remember her talking to me in Portuguese, although I cannot remember what she was saying or think I even understood! I wish I remembered that lady more, she was something else from what I hear!

I am going to ask my mother more about this tomorrow. I am curious now to know more, they have said she was always right on with her readings. I will post if I find anything interesting out!

I think I would enjoy trying this. Thanks for sharing! smileylove
Really full info for tea reading, i love reading with tea,and you show us all the info about it, that's really special and useful for tea reading. Great!

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