No Politics Rule Has Been Added

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Hazel Moon
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Re: No Politics Rule Has Been Added

Post by Hazel Moon »

I'm not a right wing person, not a left wing person, not a political person in any kind of way.
Same here.

I don't vote, I'm not affiliated with any political party, and if it weren't for this COVID-19 thing I wouldn't even watch the news. So the new rule doesn't really effect me because I have nothing to add in the first place.
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Silas Nightfall
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Re: No Politics Rule Has Been Added

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I find this whole situation incredibly saddening. The free exchange of information and civil discourse is one of the foundations of western society. However, people have become too divided recently and have forgotten the basic principles of discussion. In addition, most have migrated to a this-or-that, all-or-nothing, black-or-white mentality, when there is an entire range of grey in between the extremes.

While some were born into paganism, most have come from another system of belief. Beliefs change, and it is the free exchange of information and civil discourse that facilitates these changes. If people are not allowed to do so, mutual growth stagnates. Certainly, there should be restrictions on how somebody expresses their opinions, but not on what to express.

I would remind everybody of the old scenario of two people viewing a vehicle collision from two different sides of the street. Each comes to a conclusion based on their own experiences. Each believes a different driver is responsible, yet only one is correct, but who? The only way to determine that is through discussion.

Rather than berate each other, based on one's current beliefs, we should be engaging with each other, in order to understand why the other person holds the beliefs they do. Once we do that, most issues can be negotiated, or at least understood in a new light, through civil discourse. Being belligerent toward each other, calling each other names, or making assumptions about each other, based on partial knowledge is hurtful to all involved.

Now, this is Starwitch's forum. She pays the hosting bills. Therefore, I respect her right to impose whatever rules she wishes and will abide.

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Re: No Politics Rule Has Been Added

Post by SapphireRoad »

Hi Heather, looks like you got severely irritated in tough times. I can see people relocating such anger towards ruling politicians everywhere, whatever decisions they do make.
Since this forum is yours and you are not discussing witchcraft maybe you could just share whatever you like so that we could support you a bit and listen to you. I think we should strive for some synergy and be of support to hear you out in case you have something on your mind, as friends do.
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Re: No Politics Rule Has Been Added

Post by Eleanora »

Starwitch wrote:
Mon May 04, 2020 4:11 pm
Updated Post Title to Read "No Politics Rule" instead of "New Anti-Trump (etc) Rule..." because, as it turns out, the only active members we seem to have here are all into alt-Right conspiracies and stuff like that. No one spoke up on behalf of the Left (except me) and the one self-described "liberal, unaffiliated" moderator we had decided to deactivate her account instead of standing against Trump with me. So here we are.

I'll remove the #16 rule below and just add "no politics" to the rule that addresses discussion of black magick and such things.

We have a new forum rule regarding political discussions.
16. The owner of this site, like most American pagans, is a liberal Democrat. Any pro-Trump talk, alt-right propaganda, or right-wing conspiracy theories is offensive and will be removed. Any member who continues posting pro-Republican/alt-right/Right-wing talking points, rhetoric, lies, or propaganda will be asked to leave.
Pro-Democrat posts are fine, as long as you're not one of these super Bernie Bros who would rather see Trump win than have to vote for someone else. :roll:

Jeezums, you don't think this is kinda incredibly hypocritical??? Like, not even a tiny infringement on basic human rights to think, to believe, to share what we want? :shock:

...I dunno if I can be a part of this site anymore if that's the case; it makes me feel too gross. I'm as liberal as they come, but I believe in the right to speak one's mind, even if it goes against something I personally believe. Saying that they CAN'T is like....NAZISM lmao. Literally; that's exactly what the Nazis did. Any dissenters were removed. Any ideas that weren't in line with Hitler's was deemed a threat. That's why this policy makes me feel so gross and why if you're serious about it, I'm going to have to leave and not take any part in it. :anxious:

EDIT: Just got informed it's a No Politics PERIOD rule. The thing that originally upset me was the whole no pro-republican posts but pro-democrat posts are fine lol. That just struck me as incredibly unfair and draconian. XD

A no Political Posts at all rule (Conservative or Liberal) is a lot better imo; doesn't divide people or treat half the people unfairly. :D

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