How do you access the forum? (Tapatalk?)

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Re: How do you access the forum? (Tapatalk?)

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Starwitch wrote:Thanks for all the feedback! We'll keep Tapatalk, since a lot of people do use it. Getting it updated is a different issue though, and some of the problems we're having stem from the plug-in here on the forum not being updated. That's why the moderators and I can't admin the Tapatalk forum and chat room.

It stinks about the ads in signatures. Hopefully a member or mod will write to each person with ads in their signature and direct them toward the thread that tells them how to turn that off. Tapatalk should be happy to have our traffic in their app. They shouldn't be putting ads on this forum.

Thanks Mystie.Graves, for PM'ing me about Tapatalk and helping with the adult content spam.
Glad to help. I only wish I could have done more.

I'm sorry you had to put up with such a mess.

At least tapatalk finally responded.




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