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Predators do troll message boards like this one

Posted: Sun Jan 24, 2010 3:27 pm
by Kassandra
We do encourage networking, and this site is a great way to meet people with whom you can share your spiritual beliefs. There are a lot of great members here, and I myself have met people with whom I have established friendships. But common sense still has to be exercised here, as with anywhere else.

All the warnings you see in those public service announcements about predators lurking on message boards and chat rooms are TRUE. The reason why they're written is because bad things REALLY DO happen to unsuspecting, innocent people, especially (but not exclusively) teenagers. The victim let's their guard down, thinking "bad things like that only happen to others, never to me," or "this person is so nice, it must be safe," etc. Criminal bank on this kind of thinking.

Moderators cannot know 100% whether people on this message board are telling the truth about who they are, where they live, their age, etc. We just can't know. It's up to you maintain your personal safety.

So just exercise caution about giving out personal information to people, responding to "contact me" requests you read on this message board, etc. Don't give out your home, work or school names and addresses, your social security number, bank account number, or any other sensitive information. Don't do any "favors" for anyone you don't know well.

And it's recommended that you DO NOT MEET ANYONE ALONE. Go with a group, or if you absolutely insist on an in-person meeting alone with someone you met online, at least let your family and friends know who you're meeting, where you're going, and when to expect you home. That way if there's foul play, they'll know where to go looking for you.

Enjoy your time here, but be safe.


Posted: Sat May 15, 2010 2:42 am
by zenine
I don't think I would EVER meet someone from off the computer. (No offense people, :wink: ) But it would be too scary and weird..

Re: Predators do troll message boards like this one

Posted: Mon Sep 19, 2011 1:14 pm
by Serenity Willow
I absolutely agree with Kassandra. Please be very careful and I'm only writing this again because we tend to forget about our safety as we get comfortable with someone. Use your instincts as well, if someone asks you something that sets off a bell...even the slightest...REMEMBER that is your intuition and you have it for a reason. Your intuition does not need proof that something is wrong. Your intuition just plain knows that you need to be careful or something is off. Please practise this and over time you will learn to keep yourself safe, stand up for yourself and honor yourself.

We don't need to be quiet or feel like we are mistrusting because we sense something wrong, this is about safety and not about looking a fool in front of someone. I would rather my daughter or anyone look a fool than look dead. That's reality! Don't worry about hurting someones feelings if you are concerned about your safety or they are asking uncomfortable questions or saying inappropriate things. If this person is true and a good person they will understand and respect you for the integrity you are showing.

If you have any concerns, please feel free to private message me or Starwitch or any of the moderators on here.

This is a wonderful site to meet others with same or varied interests. This site is the most friendly of all that I write on. So, keep safe, stay truthful and honor yourself, let go of the negative things you hold onto and bring forth the positive energy and good intentions that this website respresents.

I also help with issues regarding addictions or even just partying too much, sex, relationships, suicide, abuse, healing, self love and learning how to find it.

Please write me anytime, I am always available to listen or to offer some advice. Blessings <3

Re: Predators do troll message boards like this one

Posted: Wed May 15, 2013 8:34 am
by Kassandra

Hi. An update:

When I wrote the caution above, there wasn't a "chat" feature on this message board. Just wanted to remind folks that all of the above applies to the chat feature as well, and by extension to other media such as Skype, etc. Predators troll electronic media, just like they troll the streets, looking for people who are very naive, or who are loners, or who for whatever reason are otherwise lax about exercising common sense.

Now, I'm not saying don't trust everybody you meet, but don't trust everybody you meet. :wink: You really don't know who or what is on the other end of the line, and what they're intentions are. Whenever you begin communicating with them on a regular basis via social media, realize that in every conversation you're giving out a little more personal information, and that person on the other end may taking notes.

And like I said before, just kind of tell your family or friends about these encounters. You don't have to tell them all your business, but do keep them informed, so they can keep an eye out for you. If they sense a red flag, LISTEN TO THEM. That's why they're there.

In the wild, lone animals that have strayed too far from the herd are always the first to be eaten by the predator; don't put yourself in that position. Have fun, but be safe.

Don't be a loner. Always let the people who love you know what's
going on in your life, and understand that social media allows
strangers to find out a lot of information about you, which can
be used against you.