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[Welcome to Everything Under The Moon. This is a place for discussion on spirituality, paganism, magic and witchcraft, among other things. We value each of our members and want you to not only feel welcome here, but also be able to easily locate (or ask about) anything you may want to know. Every opinion and thought is valued here, and each member is to be treated with respect. Even though the internet yields a certain anonymity, each person is held accountable for their choice of words and actions here. Bickering, threatening, prejudice or general animosity is not tolerated here. We at Everything Under The Moon treat others as we'd like to be treated, and as a member here you agree to do the same.

The Rules
1. The age limit is 13 years and up, and if you're a teenager then it's important that you act mature to avoid drawing the wrong kind of attention from the mods and admin.

2. Please be respectful of others' beliefs and opinions at all times, or your account will be closed. This includes no proselytizing, evangelizing, or otherwise imposing your religious or other beliefs on others here. This is not the right place for that. Such posts will be considered trolling/spamming, and will be dealt with accordingly.

3. Keep all personal disputes off the public forums.

4. Do not use Internet shorthand or text-speak, other than the most basic and widely-used abbreviations, like LOL, LMAO, WTF, OMG. Keep in mind that there are many members for whom English is not their native language, not to mention older people who weren't raised on chat and cell phones. They won't understand you. It's a matter of having respect for others and making your posts easy to read.

5. Use proper grammar, spelling and punctuation as well as you can. We recommend using Firefox or Google Chrome browsers, which have built-in spell checkers.

6. Avatar size can not exceed 200x200 pixels (You'll have to resize your image before you upload it.) Signature images cannot be larger than 220x100 pixels. Please consider carefully what images you put in your signature and remember that everyone has to see it, so choose something classy, please. Animated gifs aren't allowed in most cases because they're tacky and they draw too much attention to your posts.

7. Insults, cliques, bullying, manipulation, and childish behavior will not be tolerated. We wish to maintain respectful discussion at all times at EUTM. Keep in mind that sarcasm doesn't translate well online, since we don't have the benefit of cues such as body language or hearing each others' voices (and many of our members don't speak English as their first language). If you are in doubt, err on the side of being more polite and respectful. If you feel you are being mistreated or harassed by another member, please let a moderator know via private message.

8. Try to be as descriptive as possible when writing a subject line for a new thread. "Help please..." is not descriptive. Your subject line may be changed by a moderator if it's too general.

9. Posting under multiple accounts is not allowed and you can be banned for doing so. This specifically refers to members who are pretending to be more than one person so they can reply to their own posts.

10. Swearing is discouraged. It's important to keep our language clean so that schools and parental control programs don't have a reason to block teenagers from accessing the site. Additionally, if you go on a swear rampage bashing mods and/or members you will be banned.

11. Sexual/erotic material is prohibited. Content should be PG-13, since the age limit here is 13-years-old. We want to avoid having Internet "adult-content" censors block this site.

12. Promotion of other websites or services (spellcasting, psychic readings, mentorship, trainings, etc.) is not allowed in the forums, the chat room, through PMs, nor through emails sent from this site. An exception is made for long-time contributors/moderators. They can place their link in their signature. All other advertisers must add their business link to their profiles, and/or promote their sites in the Websites forum. Soliciting sales or recruiting members is not allowed here.

13. Discussion of certain topics is not allowed. Prohibited discussions include, but are not necessarily limited to, blood drinking, the use of bodily fluids in spells, sex magick, using magic for revenge, using animal parts, invoking demons and evil spirits to do your bidding and other stuff related to dark/black magick or demonology; extreme graphic violence, incitement to violence, prejudicial remarks, obscenity, erotica, pornography, vulgarity and insensitivity to tragedy/death/injury. As of 2020, politics has been added to the list of things we can't discuss, although if we get enough liberal Democrats on the board, that will change.

*While we understand that you may wish to learn about certain types of magick, even if you don't intend to be involved with them, we don't want to attract certain types of people to our forum by showing up in Internet searches for those keywords. It's our experience that people who are into that sort of stuff usually behave badly and end up banned from the board. Posts containing unacceptable content will be promptly removed. Our moderators have the final say in determining what is unacceptable.

14. Soliciting spell-casting services from other members is strictly prohibited. The "Post a Spell or Ritual" forum and related forums are for discussions, NOT for asking other members to cast a spell for you, or help you cast a spell. The only exception is in the "For Sale or Trade" forum. Private messages requesting or selling products or services are not permitted (unless the recipient has explicitly given permission to do so in the "For Sale or Trade Forum"). Violation of this rule will result in your account being deactivated.

15. Free readings are for longer-term, relatively productive members of this forum. If you are joining just for a free reading your request will be denied.

Note: Everything Under the Moon, and Starwitch Stone, are not to be held responsible for any actions you may take as a result of advice or information that you find on this website. Basically, you are the final judge of what's good for you. Don't trust everything you read online.


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