Spells to let go of someone???

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Spells to let go of someone???

Post by Sunshine07 »

I am very new at spells, but I do need help with a spell if there is one out there for my situation. After ending a relationship with the love of my life (long story) I met someone else. It didn't last long and he broke my heart. I wanna move on, but I find myself thinking about him so much that I am literally losing my mind. I wanna be able to let him go in my mind. I know there is no magic for this, but if there is a way, a spell, that can make me think of him less and less and eventually be gone from my mind?

Any suggestions? Please help!

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Post by LUNAAMOR »

ok i not going to give you a spell for that, because i don't have any. but i know that the most powerful spell that you can do is the one that you make.
i know how hard it is because i had met the "one" so many times and i had always ended up hurt. so just i know its hard to say but cheer up and you are better without them.ok oh another way that can help you feel better is to write down how you feel not like a diary but just whenver you feel like you can't take it anymore just write how you feel.
it really works i know i have many many many.....
books . hey thinking about it im going to have to destroy them because if my mom sees them . in fact g2g im going to do it right know
take care and best luck
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Post by jcrowfoot »

There is an all-purpose un-binding spell in Post a spell or Ritual called "Breaking the Ties that Bind." See how that spell feels for your situation.

If you need help tuning it for your situation, PM me.

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Post by [AmberRose13] »

something I have done that always works well is to pack up everything that reminds you of that person. Pictures, letters, hell, I've even thrown in a condom (unused, of course, lol) ot two, and a used up packet of birth control. Once you have everything in there, ducttape the hell out of it. then sharpie anything you want. warning signs, sayings give you strength, and don't forget writing something like " do not open until 2009" on it.
Once, instead of a shoebox, I took this huge stuffed monkey he had given me that I didn't like very much. I opened up the back seam, through in everything, and sewed it back up.
There is also this great book. it's called something like "so you've been dumped." It makes you giggle, it makes you cry, and it has activities that help you get over them.
I'll try to find the link.

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To Jcrowfoot!

Post by Sunshine07 »

I read your spell, but I have to admit, I am VERY new to spell casting and by any chance is there a spell a little less complicated and more simple than the one you have?

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Post by AkanaAnash »

Hi Sunshine,

A real easy way is to simply put a picture of the person into a river and
simply repeat "goodbye...goodbye...goodbye" until you're all good-byed out!

The River has a way of helping us deal with little attchements like this.


Hope that helps.

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Re: Spells to let go of someone???

Post by SpiritTalker »

Walnuts are used to “fall out of love”; Cat Yronwode in her “Hoodoo Herb and Root Magic” said you make a tea of nine black walnuts (husk and all) boiled in three quarts of water; boiling it till the water evaporates down to 1 quart. Cool it. You bathe in this water, renouncing ties to the former love, and then throw the water out at a crossroads or against the tree. This kind of bath is not one for the bathtub, but usually done in a dish basin so the water can be poured into a mason jar for transpot.

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Re: Spells to let go of someone???

Post by RavenClaw »

What I would do is cut cords. My preferred method is to sit quietly and sense out the cords. They're usually black. Once I find one or more, I imagine to grab all of them in my left hand making a fist. Next I imagine holding a pair of gold scissors in my right hand and cut the cords a few inches above my left fist. I quickly shove the long loose dangley cords far away from me and the scissors have disappeared. Not quite done, I imagine directing light/universe energy, with my right hand, to go underneath the cords (still holding in my fist) to dig out the roots. When there's enough light under the cords, the roots do pop out. The longer the roots have been attached the more time it takes for the roots to pop out. When all the roots are out, I toss them far away from me. For extra measure, I fill in the area with more light for healing the area that they were in.
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