A God

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A God

Post by LC »

Is it alright to just say the God if no specific god has shown himself to you? No one specific god has shown himself to me. Is that out of the ordinary? It has just started bothering me.
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Re: A God

Post by Lord_of_Nightmares »

Yes, it is.
I am the Earth, The Sun and the Stars
And I am the also the Moon
I am all animal and birds,
And I am the outcast as well, and the thief
I am the low person of dreadful deeds,
And the great person of excellent deeds
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Re: A God

Post by SnowCat »

It can take some time to recognize a specific deity. They've been patient with me. Just give it time.
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Re: A God

Post by Shekinah »

Probably more appropriate to refer to (The God) rather then A God in that most believe all are various manifestations of the same Divinity appearing as what ever aspect the student envisioned or empathic attributes seek. As the Witch includes objects of relevance to the God he/she seeks affinity with on the altar, a bond is established and entanglement occurs with the specific God being sought. The Gods do not come down till we first reach out to them. (Hermes) Throughout the Cosmos there are perhaps billions of minds all seeking a relationship with a particular Divinity so one must be patient and become a beacon displaying worthiness to impress one's desired Deity.
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