smells out of nowhere

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smells out of nowhere

Post by MsMollimizz »

Has anyone experienced smells that seem to come from no where ?
Night before last standing at my alter I got a whiff of roses...
Last night as I laid down I smelt "sour apple" like the gum ! Weird.
Now, I can experience strange things now and then...I thought
I'd check to see what's going on with you all.
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Re: smells out of nowhere

Post by blue_moon »

odd.. yes i remember things like that, but i can't recall a complete setting.

what other strange things are you experiencing?

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Re: smells out of nowhere

Post by T'a Nuk »

The sense of smell has more neural memory connections than any other physical sense, in some ways it is the most powerful sense we have. To ancient humans it helped to find food, avoid danger, find a receptive mate, and locate water. Though often somewhat downplayed in modern times, I think it is still playing an important part and just as you can see, hear or feel things that are not on our physical wavelength, you can smell them too. Smell would be an ingenious way to communicate from beyond the material plane. There have been times when I have smelled redwood, as though I were standing in a grove on a warm day. Redwood does not grow here, but I have visited them in California. It is always surprising and baffling...

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Re: smells out of nowhere

Post by SpiritTalker »

I get occasional stray breezes & I have 2 rose bushes in my yard, so sometimes catch a floral whiff. Warm weather stirs up aromas & the opossum & raccoon brush against the climbing vine plants & it releases a scent too. They all come thru my open windows - aromas, not critters. If the wind's from the south-east, even in town you can smell cattle from 20 miles away. We pay-back in kind with exhaust fumes. And we're in the fruit belt with every kind of apple, peach & pear on the west side & 15 miles off. I like prevailing westerlies.

Over the years, if I'd catch a whiff of my late grandma's favorite dime-store cologne, I'd think of her. It's not a brand found at the mall and now-days there is only one local 5 & 10 store left, so it's scent is unlikely to be rampant on the breeze. If I smell it now I accept it as being from her.

So check off what doesn't apply - got any rose bushes or fruit trees within 100 yards? Warm weather? Roving Wildlife? Vines? Open windows? If all are negative then it rules out natural causes. Do those particular scents have any personal associations for you? go from there.

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Re: smells out of nowhere

Post by planewalker »

I also have smelled odors without apparent reason. As Spirit says, if the house is open and the air moving you can get all kinds of different odors from what seem like impossible distances. When the house is closed, such as in winter with the weather proofing on the windows and floor snakes across the base of the door jams, it's a different matter. The house isn't as tightly closed with the air conditioner running, but if it's been running over night and the doors haven't been opened to any great degree, I think the possibility of other worldly smells is just as valid. They're present in my house to the point that I don't pay much attention to them. My abode was constructed in 1802 as officers quarters for the Arsenal garrison and has then been in my family for 6 generations. There is the Spirit of a Major from the 1840's that enjoys the place and whose Cuban cigars steeped in Ginger Brandy I smell from time to time. Also there are smells that are, I believe, from the workings in the Craft that have been done here over the many years of our occupation of the home. Add family visits and calls for attention and it can be quit something.

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Re: smells out of nowhere

Post by SnowCat »

I have had a lot of spirits announce their presence by a smell that I would associate with them.
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Re: smells out of nowhere

Post by Binglian »

Ohhhhh, I often experience with smell coming out of nowhere. Such as different kind of perfumes, shampoo and soap, even baby formula! Most things I have never smelled it in my life, and I have no idea where it came from. I agree with what everyone else is saying, when a spirit is in the room, it will occasionally bring "scents" with them. It's actually pretty cool experience!

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Re: smells out of nowhere

Post by barker »

I get that sort of thing too. With my keen sense of smell, i can tell who it's coming from. Always somebody ignoring me! I figure it's not blessings or curses just a rule that has been shortchanged. Correct attitude with bad smells, master deeds with good ones. barker

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